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January Reflection

HAPPY LAST DAY OF JANUARY! We did it, guys! We made it through the first month of 2015 rather painlessly, no? It has been a very cold month, that is for sure. I'm not sure how many of you live where there's four seasons, but for those of you in the Midwest/Northeast—how are you doing? Are you sick of windchill too?

I spent the first half of this month at home still, enjoying my winter break to its fullest extent (AKA lots of time spent with family and working, with the occasional joyous presence of a friend sprinkled somewhere in that mix). Moving back in for spring semester went relatively flawlessly, though I was without a Keurig for an entire week, which equated to no coffee for six days. That was really tough, I'm not even going to lie. However, I survived and came out a stronger person...and promptly got my own Keuring that I love with my whole heart.

Currently, I'm taking five classes and out of those five I absolutely detest four of them. Unfortunately, one is absolutely required for my major, one is an elective for my major with a very misleading title and course description (but the lesser of a few evils), and two are the easiest courses for gen-ed requirements. Good news is that I love my Spanish class and professor, which makes my Latin American Society and Culture class that much more interesting and bearable. Praying that fall semester brings better classes!

The only two things I've been able to cross of my 2015 to-do list this month was going to the Albright Knox Art Museum (though this means I still have to go to the Cleveland Art Museum now...) and learn how to cook something other than rice pilaf. Although...I'm not entirely sure if grilling chicken on a George Foreman grill and cooking asparagus on the stove counts. We'll go with it for now, but this doesn't mean I've thrown in the towel for cooking! I am determined to be able to nourish myself with some home cooked meals.

This month, I've been loving Scandal, my new fashion blog, my Aerie blanket scarf, and my new J. Crew City Coat. As for music, here's a list of my favorite songs from January (and the best places to listen to them:

I get to go home again in February, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. My brother, the lucky little guy he is, gets to go to Italy and leaves the weekend I'm home, so I get to take him to the airport! Might have to try to shove myself into his suitcase, though knowing him, he'll probably pack it to the brim with shoes.

How was January for you? What are you looking forward to in February?


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