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Pros & Cons of Life Without A Roommate

As you may or may not know, I have been roommate less for the past three weeks. My roommate transferred and her side of our room never got replaced. I was pretty indifferent about the idea of not having a roommate the moment she told me that she was not returning for this semester, so I didn't really know what to expect the first few days living without her. She left Cleveland every weekend anyways, so I was used to not seeing her for a few days at a time, but it's a lot different when their side is completely cleared of all of their belongings, when there's only your towels hanging on the racks in the bathroom and your side of the sink littered with soaps and facial cleansers.

I digress, there are definitely some upsides to not having a roommate, as well as some downfalls. I figured that I would detail best and worst parts about not having a roommate through a pros and cons list, a-la-Ted Mosby, incase anybody was unsure if they wanted to have single rooms when they dorm or prefer a studio or one bedroom to having roommates down the line.


1. Ultimate Privacy

It's a free for all, really. You don't have to worry about changing or wanting private moments if you aren't having the greatest day. There's a lot less of a need to express or suppress your emotions (which could be either a good or bad thing, I suppose).

2. Extra space

Though you're technically supposed to keep their side of the room vacated, it's nice to be able to spread your things over little by little. As of right now, the closet is filled with my suitemate's hangers, the second desk is now home to my record player and records, and I use the extra space to workout. My little window-side nook has now become a lot roomier.

3. Total focus on schoolwork. 

There's nothing wrong with going off on tangents with your roommate and chatting until the wee hours of the morning. You shouldn't feel bad about bonding or making friendships in college, but sometimes, especially if the person you live with is a good friend you can talk to for hours and hours, you start to lose track of time and put your work aside. Not having a roommate eliminates distractions and really makes you have to focus on the work you're assigned.

4. Loud shower singing. 

I personally am unashamed about belting out tunes in the shower (I even take requests sometimes), but for those much shier than I, not having anybody to witness your vocal prowess (or lacktherof) is a blessing in disguise.


1. Nobody to talk to. 

While having somebody there all of the time could serve as a distraction, coming home after a long day of classes kind of sucks when there's nobody there to rant to or detail your day to. You can always text or call somebody, but there's nothing like sitting on each other's sides and talking about your day and classes or life in general and all of its fun (and not so fun) amenities.

2. Time goes by slow. 

For the most part, days drag on when there's nobody there to distract or entertain you. It's not even a good kind of slow where you can get everything done, either. It's like...the kind of slow that makes you want to go to sleep at 9PM because you're exhausted from doing nothing.

3. No one to motivate you to get out of the room. 

When there's somebody to do something with at your immediate need, it's easy to say "hey, let's go to the caf" or "hey, let's go to Target in an hour." No plans have to be made, no preparation or planning via text message.

Do you prefer to live alone or have roommates?


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