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1. The Cary Collection This is quite possibly the coolest little "shop" my eyes have ever seen. So many trinkets! And look at those vintage books!

2. Five Things You Can No Longer Avoid This Winter I look like a bundled up loser when I'm walking around when it's cold, but honestly, leopard print mittens are infinitely cooler than dry, chapped hands (which I have anyways, but that's because I'm too proud to wear lotion). 

3. White Jeans and Riding Boots So many people can pull of the winter white look and it makes me wish I had a comfortable pair of white jeans to romp around in. Also, that cashmere cardigan is so chic (and not at all like a soccer mom, contrary to some comments!).

4. Color Black Large Scarf and Burberry Bowpark Raincoat Massive scarves are my kryptonite. 

5. Snapchat is Causing a Lot of Drama An embarrassing amount of snorting laughter occurred while reading this post. I don't understand Snapchat in the slightest (and often forget to check it...I think I've sent a total of like three snaps in my life), but this still managed to be the funniest thing I've read all week.

6. $ale Bragging This is so me after a trip to the outlets. If I pick up anything at Saks or Kate Spade, I always brag about the sale price. For me, I think it's more about justifying a purchase that I know I shouldn't have made. What do you think? 

7. Gray Malin at Home Can we talk about that Amalfi Coast print? The colors are GORGEOUS. 

8. Quintessentially British My wellies aren't quite as cute as these, but I love the layering of the blue shirt with the oatmeal sweater. Such a solid color combo!

9. Apartment Tour Seeing all of these apartment tours make me so excited to have an apartment some day, especially one in New York. I have to get through undergrad first...*sighs*

10. Inside a Girl's Mind at Lush I cannot handle Lush. There's an overwhelming amount of smells and products that I cannot afford. One day, maybe when I have a proper bathtub and a job that allows me to buy silly little indulgent things. Also, when I can sit still long enough to even enjoy a bath. 

11. How to be the New Girl (or Guy) My life has been one continuous series of me being the new girl. I was the new girl in high school (I knew no people going in), the new girl in college (not even from the next state over), the new girl in friend groups (had to mold in after the fact)...wish I would have had these tips back then! Though I'm fairly sure I'll be the new girl again at some point. 

What have you been reading lately? 


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