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Skincare Routine

I've talked about my skin in a blog post back in April. The general gist was that I've never really had clear skin and have struggled with (and am still struggling with) acne. However, things have been looking up for the past month or so. I've gotten myself on a skincare regime that *GASPS* works. It's strange to say and it feels like I might be jinxing myself by even mentioning it in a post, but I'm very excited about the recent lack of inflammation on my face! It's just a bit of scarring from the past few years of not being very nice to my skin and a blemish here and there, but I actually feel comfortable going down to the lobby to print something off or grab a smoothie if I'm hungry, which is absolutely monumental for me.

The fact that I only wear makeup all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays helped clear my skin up quite a bit as well as the fact that I don't work out with my foundation still on. I'm always very diligent about drinking more than enough water throughout the day and eating the least amount of greasy foods. They don't settle well with my stomach anyways, so that's not a very hard one to avoid! But above all, I think my skincare routine has had the biggest effect on my skin.

The only days that my skincare routine changes a bit is on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have to get up so early and don't want to disrupt my roommate by running faucets and such. On those mornings, I'll use either one of my Simple Cleansing Wipes or some Tea Tree Water from Lush and clean my face before applying my Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. That's it for the morning just for convenience purposes.

However, on days when I don't have classes, I go through a more thorough process of making sure that my skin is cleaned and prepped for the day. I'll rinse my face with warm water and a wash cloth then I'll use my current cleanser. Right now, I've been loving Lush's 9 to 5, but I also really enjoy The Body Shop's Tea Tree Cleanser as well. After I apply that to my face and make sure I rub it into every safe area (aka anywhere away from my eyes), I'll rinse it off with warm water again and will pat my face dry with a clean towel. Depending on the status of my skin, I'll use a bit of my Ocean Salt Exfoliator from Lush, but my skin rarely gets dry patches, as I generally have more oily skin! If my skin has been feeling particularly grubby, I'll tone it with the same Tea Tree Water just to get any excess dirt off. To top it off, I'll add my moisturizer and am set!

What's your favorite skincare product?


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