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1. Taylor Swift Song, or Emo Lyric? Lines from "1989" For Your AIM Profile I definitely LOLed and ROFLed too much at this. As somebody who used to be Obsessed with AIM (with a capital O, it was that intense of a love) and "emo" bands, this made me feel like I was in middle school again.

2. Best Words I mentioned yesterday that I was attempting NaNoWriMo and this site of words will be referenced often.

3. Toil & Trouble Charlotte Olympia cat loafers are still on my list.

4. Outfit: Loeffle Randall Ella Booties That cognac color is gorgeous.

5. Quilted Leather Jacket *sings "Leather Jacket" by the Arkells very aggressively*

6. What's Your 5 Criteria My 1-5 are "Be Harry Styles." What are yours?

7. Do You Wear a Fashion Ass Hat? If we're being honest here, I'd probably use my dog as an accessory too...

8. Simple Storage Solutions I use all of my Kate Spade bags and jewelry boxes to store bits and bobs!

9. Gap Kids x Kate Spade My goddaughter is most certainly getting something from this line for Christmas. I just haven't decided what...

10. LikeToKnow.It I love when bloggers are transparent about things like this. Honesty is the best policy!

11. Faux Plaid Cape The perfect fall outfit!

12. Kate Spade Capelette Let's just add one more thing to my "to buy list."

13. How To Tie a Blanket Scarf Be right back, gotta add a blanket scarf to my birthday list...

What have you been reading lately?


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