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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I'll admit it, I'm one of those people who likes to stage their photos on Instagram then continue the edit the crap out of them until they look pretty. I know I'm not the only person who does this, so let's not act all surprised. I feel like Instagram is a fun way to be creative with your photos and I really like the apps that I use to give my photos a little extra editing when needed. It's like portable photoshop, and I love myself some CS5.

I used to have a lot more photo editing apps, but I found that I really only use a few, so it was useless to have so many taking up space on my phone!

If my photo isn't a square or it's a rectangular picture, like a picture of an outfit up close, I'll use Whitagram to give it the white borders and fit the whole photo into a square base.

Then, I'll send my picture through Afterlight or VSCOcam (my newest editing app). I'm not too picky, though I'm more familiar with Afterlight as I've had it longer. I'll play along with the filters and settings on there when I'm bored. I haven't really found my "go-to" filters on those apps yet, though I normally like ones with a lot of brightness and less saturation!

What's your favorite photo editing app? 


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