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Top Five Favorite Concerts

I've been going to concerts since I was a wee little one, as my brother and dad have been in their fair share of bands for many, many years. I used to be carted around and grew to love concerts at a very young age. It wasn't uncommon for me to be in a nightclub watching my brother play at the fresh age of eight, playing catch with a stuffed hedgehog (I couldn't make this up if I wanted to). I once said that I had been to Club Infinity plenty of times and adults look horrified. I didn't realize it was a bad thing, I just thought I had been enjoying myself at concerts.

My first show that didn't involve my brother was probably when I saw All Time Low in the seventh grade with my dad (he still talks about this show to this day) and a friend. The year after, I started frequently seeing the Jonas Brothers multiple times a summer and it was all relatively downhill from there. And by it, I mean my bank account.

However, over the years I've seen some pretty incredible shows. Putting them into my top five is going to be very difficult, but for the sake of a good number, I'm going to try. These are in no specific order, because that would just be cruel.

1. Kings of Leon

This concert was June of 2010 and I remember watching in awe. It was the first concert that I attended that I was truly just drawn in by the music and mesmerized by the whole concert in general. 

2. Taylor Swift

I saw Taylor in June of 2011 and it probably changed me. I've been obsessed with Taylor Swift for far too long now and around 2011, I had been so anxious for her to tour in Buffalo because I'd be fingerling so hard over her for a long while. When she announced the dates during my finals, I didn't even care. I rushed through my Regents exam, peaced out, and went to try to meet her at the airport (#Fail, but she did wave to me!) I don't think I stopped smiling during this concert, I was just so beyond happy to be in the same place as her that being anything but excited seemed so wrong. I really hope I get to see her on her upcoming world tour this summer!

3. One Direction

Can't go very long without mentioned these lads, can I? I saw them this past summer and wrote a whole post about it, so I won't delve too far into it. While it might not be my favorite concert (because there are too many), it might be the happiest day of my life so far. I literally felt so carefree for the entire duration of that concert. Harry Styles prancing around in a sheer top didn't hurt either.

4. Jonas Brothers

Okay, so this might be an unfair choice, considering I've seen the Jonas Brothers a handful of times (seven full JB shows, one solo Joe show, and their farewell show in Buffalo with just Nick and Joe...),  but I have genuinely enjoyed myself at every single one of them, all in different places. Their shows are so energetic and there's nothing like feeling like you've got a one-sided bond with a cute trio like those boys.

5. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

This is a fresh favorite, as I only just saw the concert last night...but it was just that good. Jack's Mannequin got me through middle school and the song "Konstantine" by Something Corporate was my rock throughout high school and still is to this day. To say that seeing the man that has been my musical rock for about five years was a bit emotional is an understatement. He played the perfect mix of Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, and his newest project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. I decided to go last minute with a friend because our class got let out early and it was a really great night. Hearing "Cavanaugh Park" live was an experience and a half, let me tell you...

Honorable mentions: Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Arctic Monkeys, Switchfoot, and Parachute.

What has been your favorite concert that you've ever been to? Are there any artists that you really want to see but haven't yet?


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