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Francesca's Focus: Second Week of Sophomore Year

The new(ish) chandelier in Playhouse Square.
I just finished my second week of my sophomore year of college and it was infinitely better than my first week. I'm considerably more relaxed, I'm all settled in, and I'm just overall a lot happier than I was a week ago at this time.

My first week revolved around assimilating back into my life at school/life away from from home, which despite being comfortable with the city, is still something that I needed to get adjusted to! I definitely didn't feel settled into my room was completely put together, which didn't happen until this week after a trip home to get the rest of my clothes and some general organizing items for my desk area.

The first week of classes was also particularly stressful. I was worried that I would be horrible at my Media Writing class, would not be interested in my Foundations of Journalism and Promotional Communications class, have a mental breakdown because of the workload in my 300-level Spanish class, would absolutely despise my Spanish Literature Survey professor because he is new to the school, and that I just wouldn't be able to manage my time with an online class. Isn't that a lot to have on your shoulders for the first week? Never fear. This week of classes was wonderful. I made friends in all of my classes (and have old classes in some!) and I genuinely have a great time in all of them. My Foundations professor is absolutely hilarious and I hope that I do well in his class as a way to repay him for being so entertaining and thorough.

I'm in luck for a second year in a row because my roommates are amazing. I liked all of my roommates last year (aside from M, but that doesn't count), but it definitely took some time to totally get used to living with them. Right off of the bat this year, I knew that I was going to love and get along with my roommates. And what do you know, it already feels like we're close and it has only been 2 weeks. It's crazy how that works sometimes!

I don't go back home until the end of October, so hopefully things stay this fantastic for a while so I don't get too homesick or emotional about it. Sometimes it's hard traveling back and forth between school and home, just because I don't like getting too comfortable any place for fear of not being able to leave it.

If I had to sum up my second week of school into one word it would most certainly have to be comforting. I know that's probably a weird word to use to sum up a week of college, but I was genuinely worried last week that I was losing my love for school. I'm glad it was just first week jitters and wasn't anything serious!

How has school been for you? What's your favorite class?


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