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Kate Spade New York's Spring 2015 collection debuted this morning via an unsurprisingly chic fashion week presentation. The theme seemed to be a garden partya step above a typical picnic because of course, the quintessential pieces of spring are the blooming flowers, reappearance of greenery, and the ever-so-romantic picnics. The presentation was spread about on a grassy bit with a white backdrop, donned top to bottom in a gradient fashion, the thickest floral appliqués littering the top while fading out into a thin layered display.

What I love about Kate Spade's clothes is that they totally transcend occasions and moods. They can be ready to wear or worn for nicer, sophisticated occasions with just the adjustment of shoes and accessories. The clothes are wearable, while still being pieces of art. They're simple, chic, and seem to embody the perfect woman to me.

This collection was a mixture of whites, nudes, and the classic striped print apparent in many Kate Spade designs. There seemed to be a lot of experiments with various textureseyelet, wicker, and floral appliqués—making for a fun and unique collection full of color, spunk, and the perfect amount of chicness.

Choosing my favorite looks from this collection is physically impossible, so to view the entirety of the collection, you can head over to the Kate Spade website or the behind the curtain Pinterest board with many of the looks included.

My favorite look from the entire collection was this oversized bow-tie blouse with this solid A-line skirt. Paired with the slides, cap, and the cheeky clutch, this outfit is styled absolutely perfectly. There are few things that I wouldn't do to get my hands on this ensemble.

I am typically vehemently opposed to drop waist clouting, but something about this green and white pinstriped dress is tugging on my heart strings. And don't you think for a second that I'm not going to mention the scalloped tote of the slides withget thissunglasses as the straps!

Again with the scalloped tote! Kate Spade, stop making me tack on items to my "must purchase" list. It's too long at this point, and half of it is your stuff. The combination of white and green is so fresh and reminds me so much of the spring (shocking choice for the collection) (kidding). The loose sleeves and textured fabric are perfect for the season and the platform sandals are growing on me.

The first of many striped looks, bear with me. I'm going to come out and say this right now: I don't hate the bucket hat. I've seen it on the runway too many times so early in NYFW that it has grown on me so much and I don't hate it, especially when it has floral appliqués on it. The multi-strap sandals are killer and nothing beats a simple silhouetted striped dress.

The pop of red with that heart shaped tote is just what this simple and chic black and white ensemble needed. I could also see it looking incredible with a bold rep lip and simple ponytail. 

Last but not least, here's another striped outfit, definitely more casual than the two previous dresses. The boxy blazer and bucket hat combo is something that I am surprised that I'm totally into. But the real zinger in this outfit is the ladybug clutch. How quirky!

Just for fun, can we talk about this jeweled snail ring? I'm a sucker for cute novelty pieces.

*All images courtesy of Kate Spade*


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