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The Day of Three Iced Vanilla Lattes

I didn't have the most pleasant wake up call. My dad and brother had to wake up at 6 o'clock this morning to make it to the baseball diamonds by 7. This, in turn, woke me up as well. I fell back asleep...only to hit my alarm when it went off at 8. I ended up waking up sometime around 8:30, thus missing the only suitable time to rent and ride bikes with my friend. Bummer!

Then, when I went to use my Macbook, the programs would open for a second and would close immediately and I couldn't shut down my computer. It took an hour long phone call with somebody from Apple (Sandeep, you are my homeboy for life now), it started working again, but I still have to take it to the Apple Store. Womp womp.

I am not exaggerating (okay, perhaps just a tad) when I say that it was approximately 8,000 degrees outside today. The sun was beating down on the beach and there was virtually no breeze at all. My friend and I lasted out in the sun for about 3 hours before we threw in the towel (literally) and decided to turn in back to our rooms until dinner time. That's when I got my first latte and had a wonderful conversation with a nice fellow coffee addict about my J. Crew earrings and Kate Spade in general. I read with my latte on the balcony of my room and just enjoyed the comfort of the shade and relaxing sound of the waves rushing onto the sand.

I am not pleased with my sunburn covering a majority of the right side of my body. And yes, I did slightly dress up for a latte run. It's my thing.

Completely staged pictures are by my lovely mother, who took approximately 20 pictures only for 2 to come out decent. Good job, mom. You tried.

Dress: Old Navy
Earrings: J. Crew
Glasses: Free People
Sandals: Old Navy (#TheBest)

After my family freshened up, we headed out to dinner with three other families to a seafood restaurant. It was only a block or so from our hotel and everybody was raving about it.

Since I don't like seafood, I opted to get grilled chicken with some mashed potatoes (my weakness) and some steamed broccoli so I could seem somewhat healthy.

My mom and I walked around after dinner, popping into some stores to check out what they had (and return my cracked Kate Spade tumbler, boo!). I ended up picking up a print of a map for my dorm next year and got another iced latte because one just isn't enough.

After going on a manhunt for a boy on the team, I made my mom buy me another latte as I couldn't go into the same coffee shop with the same two employees three times in less than 5 hours. I'd seem like a complete nut!

And since I'm a huge narcissist, here are some photos of myself (and my eyebrows, they are two separate entities).

Shirt and Skirt: J. Crew

Sunday is our last full day here (and the last day of the tournament, of which I have not attended a single game of) and I'm both sad and relieved. I love being on the beach and having no responsibilities for a while, but I've been getting so anxious to do work and start preparing for school! I also miss my puppy and cuddling with him. I guess I'm going to have to get used to that again.


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