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Ooh, (Sun)Burn!

Sunday was our last full day in Delaware on the beach. I usually get pretty anxious by the ends of vacations. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I like to get back to my regular routine after a couple of days away from it. I'm also getting pretty excited to go back to school (less than 2 weeks!), so four days at the beach is enough to make me want to get back to my normal life back at home.

I slept in a bit, did some reading on the balcony, and just generally enjoyed relaxing in the safety of my hotel room and extension of it. After two hours of this, I decided to brave the Sunday heat and claim my spot on the beach. If I thought that Saturday was hot, Sunday was even hotter with less of a breeze. I was sweating places I didn't know I could sweat, and I was adamant about not going into the ocean as the current was strong and, oh yeah, I can't swim. Needless to say, I lasted out in the sun for about 2 hours before I called it quits and relaxed in the room until dinnertime.

This book is LOL funny. If I read this in public, I would seem like a total nut. Reading Katie Heaney's book makes me feel like she's my best friend, and I don't even know her. I also relate to this book on a spiritual level.

Turns entire chest is sunburned. This was much better than last year though. My bum got burned on the last day and I had to sit on a sunburn for a 9+ hour road trip back home. At least this year I can hide it under a Spirit Jersey with no bra (#TooMuchInformation, I know). 

My entire family (even my younger brother, who normally avoids us like the plague on vacation) set out for our last dinner in Rehoboth. 

The black romper from my One Direction concert appears a week later. Can't help it. I'm obsessed with it. It's by BCBG Max Azria and other than the chest area flying open every five seconds, I adore it. My earrings are from J. Crew and my lipstick is YSL's Fuchsia In Rage. 

The gazebo on the main drag is so pretty. There was a Buddy Holly tribute band playing there that night. I caught a few minutes of them and they sounded pretty good!

We went to a restaurant called the Purple Parrot Grill because, well, why not? It looked interesting and we were supposed to eat there on Friday night, but had a slight change of plans.

I thought that this wall decor was cute, despite it not really relating to my family at all. Everybody knows that we're a bunch of crazy folk...and they all still stick around.

After dinner, my mom and I set out souvenir shopping and came out empty handed (sort of). I got my second Spirit Jersey because they are ridiculously comfortable I wear them weekly, which is hard when you only have one and its white (I spill my tea on everything). 

My mom found my life summed up into a coaster. *sigh* Truer words have never been spoken (written?).

There are so many cute lanes branching off of the main drag that remind me of a smaller East 4th Street, which makes me miss Cleveland even more.

We of course had to dip into yet another coffee shop so I could get my latte fix. I thought that this graphic of what's in the different coffee drinks was too cute to not snap a picture of.

I got an iced vanilla latte and a cappuccino muffin. Truth be told, my mom took two bites out of it before this picture, I made her turn it around so you couldn't tell. The more you know...

Before turning in for the night, I had to snap the best pictures I possibly could with an iPhone. The full moon was gorgeous, like indescribably so. It reflected so perfectly off of the water. Mixed with the high tide, the waves were coming in rapidly and pretty far past the natural coast. It was a bit scary, but the sound was peaceful!

I'm a bit sad to be leaving the beach, as I really enjoyed getting tan and having several ice creameries available everywhere. On the other hand, I'm excited to spend the next two weeks with my dog and just preparing for my second year of college in general. I know, I mention it every time I get, but I really love school and am so excited to see my friends from Ohio again.

So, for now, goodbye Rehoboth. Maybe I'll see you again. Maybe I won't. 


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    1. Where we stay is really, really adorable. AND, nearly every worker is foreign (they've got some exchange program thing going on) I experienced a lot of sexy accents during my stay ;)


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