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Sprints & Sun Tans (Vacation, Day Two)

Day two on the beach was just as lovely as day one. My friend and I got up early to run on the side streets (the boardwalk is annoying to run on, as weaving in and out of slow walkers is not my favorite activity). We ended up doing sprints as well, which (I don't know about her) made me want to dance and hurl at the same time. I haven't sprinted in ages, probably since softball season over a year ago. I forgot how much I loved running. I always wish there was some place for me to run downtown when I'm at school.

There are some absolutely gorgeous beach houses down in Rehoboth and I would like to live in every single one of them. Here's my view after I wanted to keel over and puke after a few rounds of sprints!

The not-so crowded boardwalk. Everybody was still really slow though.

After our morning workout, we changed and headed down to the beach early, ready to snag a spot near the lifeguards the water. I spent the first two hours reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner (#Addicted, I am so excited for the movie with Dylan O'Brien and Kaya Scodelario) and the rest of the time (AKA 3+ hours) relaxing, tanning, and listening to music. It was so nice to just lay out in peace without any interruptions for that long. Other than when I sleep, I don't think I've had that much time of solidarity in forever. I definitely cherished every second of it.

I came back to my room after feeling sufficiently tanned, showered off all of the sand and dirt, and spent a little too long surfing the web. I also created a resume because, well, why not? It's probably something I should have made ages ago, but haven't really needed to.

After waiting around for my brother and dad to get back from baseball games, David (brother) ditched us for the boardwalk so I ended up at a restaurant called the Greene Turtle with my parents. It had an incredible view of the water, but because of the wind near the boardwalk, I was beyond grateful for our booth inside the restaurant.

I am normally a strictly water-at-dinner sort of person, but when I saw raspberry lemonade, I had to break the rule. Nothing counts on vacation, anyways. That's how it works, right?

By the time my meal came, I had been so hungry from forgetting to eat (read: too lazy to get off of the beach) to lunch that I devoured half of my grilled chicken salad before remembering that I should've taken a picture of it. It was a standard salad, nothing special about it, so I don't feel too bad about it.

After dinner, my mom and I walked along the main drag of the area, mostly so I could feel like I was working off dinner to justify the massive ice cream I planned on having. We didn't walk very far before I decided that I didn't really care anymore and wanted the ice cream no matter what. I still managed to purchase a Kate Spade tumbler cup though because I am nutty and need to hoard those just incase.

I got a peanut butter and chocolate twist in a chocolate/jimmy dipped waffle cone. I don't think I could even describe how massive this was, but I couldn't even finish it despite wanting to really bad.

I didn't bring my camera with me, but here's what I wore out to dinner that night. Nothing too special!

Top: Lilly Pulitzer
Bottoms: J. Crew
Phone case: Jack Wills
Nails: 'Mod Square' by Essie

Let's hope Saturday leaves me a little less sunburned and a little more energetic (seriously, why am I so tired?!).


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