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Francesca's Focus: Vacation, Day One

It's very rare for my family and I to have a vacation. My brother and I have been involved in travel sports for as long as I remember, which is just an easy way of saying that my family had no life the entire year. My dad took my brother to all of his games and my mom always took me to mine. That's always how it worked. Our schedules constantly overlapped, sending my mom in one part of the state, and my dad in the other. Between the regular season and tryouts, there was no time to spare for family vacations, so we rarely took them. Then last year, when I was done with travel sports, my dad scheduled a baseball tournament for my brother in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

We loved it so much that we came back again this year. Last year at this time, I was terrified for my first year of college. This time around, I'm so excited to go back that I cannot contain it.

Instead of driving from home all the way through to Delaware like we did last year, we left on Wednesday around 5 o'clock and arrived to the Scranton, Pennsylvania area around 10:30. We left that hotel around 9:30 and parked our bums down on the beach before 2 o'clock. I refused to move until I felt that I had tanned sufficiently, which left me watching the sexy lifeguards laying out for quite a few hours.

Last year, we ate at this fantastic Spanish/Mexican restaurant (I swear, this is what they advertise as. I'm not that culturally inept that I can't tell the two apart) and I begged to go back. There was absolute no wait like there was last year and it was even more fantastic than I remember.

I was very hungry, so I got a soup as an appetizer. I just ordered the Sopa de Lima, which was just a soup with shredded chicken and hint of lime. Sooo good. I ordered it last year and haven't stopped thinking about it.

For my meal, I ordered the Pechuga a la Parilla, which according to the menu is boneless grilled chicken breast seasoned with fresh lemon and herbs served atop our homemade DurĂ¡ngo sauce. I'm not going to lie, with the tiniest bit of help from my family, I ate this entire thing and I loved every single second of it. I could honestly go to this restaurant all four nights and be content.

We walked around the boardwalk for a while and I ended up getting something cute from The Pink Crab, which is a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store. I'm pretty pumped about it (no worries, it's nothing big at all).

To celebrate my walk, I got some peanut butter gelato because that's how my brain worked. Then I ate it on a bench in front of this pretty patio with a bunch of string lights.

I ended the night with a nice two-mile walk with my mom, my friend, and her mom (aka the three best people you will ever meet). I'm pretty exhausted, but it was a really great day. I mean, any day where you get to watch toned and tan lifeguards do drills and lift weights is a great day, right?


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