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Swimsuits on Swimsuits

When I was younger, I probably liked swimming a lot more than I do now. I used to love going to the local beach to build sandcastles with my brother and friends. We used to dig until the natural water would rise to make the most epic moats and "lakes" for our little castles. French fries and ice cream from the snack bar were a must and I really didn't care what my swimsuits looked like because 1. I was young and 2. It was covered in sand anyways.

As I grew up, swimsuit shopping become more of a chore than anything else. I didn't really like swimming (see: I'm really awful at swimming) all that much and I realized how truly revolting the local beach was, despite its amazing french fries. My body started filling out in the general tummy and thigh areas, but nowhere else. I got embarrassed looking at myself in the mirror and would have preferred to wear an extra large garbage bag that covered every visible inch of my body.

Now, I don't really know where I stand. The only time I swim is if I'm babysitting my cousins. Any other time I'm seen in a bathing suit is sprawled out on a towel trying to tan my otherwise pale skin. Bathing suits, to me, are just a summer fashion that I feel necessary to succumb to every summer, but don't really need to because they serve no real purpose for me.

Regardless of the unimportance of new bathing suits for myself, I still pine after certain ones because they're too darn cute! I can't help it! I tell myself that I'll get real use out of them, when in reality I'll just put them on to look fashionable even while half naked on the beach.

On tumblr a few years back, I saw a bathing suit top that, structure wise, looked identical to this. I pined after that suit for quite some time but never found a shape that compared. That is, until now. Plus, this is my dream dress print in bathing suit form. It was meant to be!

I love the springy floral pattern (florals for spring? groundbreaking) on this bathing suit. I usually try to avoid string bikini bottoms like the plague (irrational fear of someone pulling them so they fall off), but these ones are too cute to ignore.

There's something so cute about having little fish on a bathing suit. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything navy blue and/or with a funky pattern. This swimsuit has both.

Top and bottoms from Victoria's Secret

One of my favorite things to do with bathing suits is mix and match tops and bottoms. I usually have two or three solid pairs of bottoms that I can pair with various tops. I normally never buy bathing suits in pairs because, to me, that's boring. Unless it absolutely has to be paired, it's cheaper to buy pretty tops that match your simple bottoms. The fun geo print on the top and the hot pink bottoms screams summer to me. 

Where's your favorite store to buy swimsuits?


  1. I only have one bathing suit, and even though I hardly wear it, I always want more because of all of the cute colors and shapes.

    1. I definitely like LOOKING at bathing suits more than buying and wearing them :)

  2. Ah you've totally inspired me to hit up J Crew for swimsuits! I'm super picky so it's hard for me to find something that I'm in love with but these are SO CUTE.

    1. I wish the outlet & regular store in my area had the swimsuits out! I want to try a couple (or all of them…) on!


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