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Top: J. Crew
Bottoms: Gap
Sandals: Target
Glasses: Kate Spade 'Blakely' frames
Necklace: Gift from friend

Why yes, those are neon lilac pants. Thank you for asking! I got this pair, as well as a pair of neon coral ones, from the Gap outlet last year and fell in love with them. They're the most comfortable khakis that I've ever owned. In fact, I used to despise the feel of khaki pants when I was younger, so much so that my mother used to threaten to send me away to an orphanage where they only wore khaki pants and ate oatmeal for every meal. Needless to say, I think that got me to behave a little better.

I owned less than 3 t-shirts before my trip to Chicago in February, and since them have slowly been adding to my collection. This tee from J. Crew is my newest addition to my closet and based on it's comfort level, it will most certainly be well loved.


  1. Wow! You're so awesome! I could never pull off pants that bright, but they look so perfect on you! I'm jealous lol

    1. Never say never! All you need is to try a pair on and tell yourself that you look fab! It's all smooth sailing from there :)


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