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1. Body Love I constantly struggle with this, so Carly's post really hit home for me. I'm a repeat offender of feeling insecure about my body about twenty times a day (not exaggerating). But when I think about it, I'm still ten times happier with myself than I was years ago. I believe that is progress being made!

2. Trend Spotting: Flamingo Prints I've been shopping quite a few times since being home and I cannot escape the darn flamingo print. I'm falling in love with it! For cheaper options, the Banana Republic Outlet near my house had multiple clothing items with varying flamingo patterns. I might have to go back and get myself a little somethin' somethin'.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake  For me, desserts in a mug are my savior. I have a major sweet tooth and these quick desserts are my kryptonite. I tried this last week and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and how absolutely delicious. I couldn't finish my whole cake, but I shared it with my brother and mom and they liked it too!

4. It's Okay To…Vol. 2 Always be unapologetic in everything you do! You shouldn't have to feel sorry about doing something that you love (unless you love murdering people…you should really feel horrible about that…)

5. Chill This line knocks it out of the park for me:
"But we have to be careful not to project our own dreams of success on the people around us." 
6. 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20 A little bit old, but still a good read.

7. The Best Eyebrows of All Time I. Love. Eyebrows. This post is what I imagine heaven would look like.

8. Swimsuits on Swimsuits Yep, it's that time of year again: swimsuit season. Find out what my picks are this season.

9. Navy & White Navy, white, and kelly green was my dorm theme last year and I've always been partial to the combo. I am now pining after those Rachel Zoe sandals!

10. Saint Laurent Loves Marianne Faithfull Pretty much a how-to on dressing like a Parisian icon.

11. The Most Glamorous Audrey Hepburn Quotes My personal favorite?
"Paris is always a good idea."


Have you read anything interesting lately?


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