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First Day Back At Home

I finished my last exam of my first year of college at 9 AM on Friday May 9th. I packed up the rest of my dorm and was out of Cleveland by 11 o'clock. If I said I didn't shed some tears when the top of the Key Bank building disappeared from my view, I'd be lying. My mom's car was seriously stuffed to the brim with all of my belongings. When I opened the trunk when we got home, hangers fell onto me. Getting my belongings into the car was like Tetris and getting them out was like a bad game of Jenga. Alas, we arrived back at home in New York at 2:30, almost on the dot. The two of us had half an hour to get as much as we could out of the car and into the house and then proceed to freshen up before my brother's prom. I don't think I've ever curled my hair faster (and judging by pictures, it showed).

My brother's prom group got so lucky. After taking pictures at his girlfriend's house, they went off to the gardens in a park to get more pictures. The second they were finished with pictures and got to the limo, it started torrential down pouring. That, my friends, is just great timing.

After the prom shenanigans were over, my mom took me to my favorite restaurant in the entire world. I got a plate of chicken nachos, and after eating nothing but Pringles and a caramel macchiato all day, the entire plate was mine. 

I was determined to unpack everything Friday night. That was the worst decision of my life since bangs and leggings under denim shorts. It took me absolutely forever to clean the random junk out of my room (and by clean, I mean hide it all in the other side of my basement). After that, I had to sort through everything and attempt to make room in the bathroom for my copious amount of beauty products (oops?). Alas, after several mental breakdowns and a fight with some metal shelving units, I got my room to a state in which I believe is habitable. 

I decided to use my same bedding from school for my room at home, mostly so I can justify buying a new set for my second year. Despite my bed at home not being the dimensions of a twin XL, the bedding fits quite well on my regular twin. Fun fact: I picked this bed out over ten years ago and I still use it to this day. It has drawers underneath that are too convenient to get rid of! Though I believe within the next few weeks I am swapping it out for a loft bed. *wide eyed emoji*

This is the shelving unit from hell. I had the worst time trying to get this together. My knees were brush burned from kneeling on the rug and I think I have a permanent hunchback now. I know it's not the neatest thing in the world, but if you saw pictures of it from before…oh boy…

In the corner, I have this stack of shelving that I keep candles, books, and cute bags that I've acquired through shopping trips. I like how it fits perfectly into my little nook over there!

This is my shoe/book holder. I have too many books and not enough space for them on my bookshelf or in my armoire (not pictured), so I've resorted to putting them in the empty cubby holes in my shoe rack. I also keep my shoes in a compartment under my bed, which is another reason I really shouldn't ditch it…I don't even want to know how many pairs are under there…

Last but not least, I spent a lot of time cuddling with my puppy! Or at least trying to…he likes to constantly be moving so he squirms a lot. Look at how precious he is! His name is Cash (like Johnny) and I love him to pieces! I miss him a bunch when I'm away. 

That was how I spent my first day back at home! It was a bit hectic, but overall, it's really nice to be back.


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