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Best Things About Moms


If you live in the United States, you know that today is Mother's Day! I am not a mother (well, I'm a godmother, but that's quite a bit different), but I like celebrating this day regardless. I always get to do something nice for my mom and my own godmother. Moms are great for everything. They're always there to listen to you, they put a roof over your head for at least 18 years. I've noticed that my mom, and many other moms, are exceptionally great at these things and I am beyond grateful for it.

1. Personal chauffeurs. When I think back to all of the concerts that I went to in a bunch of different cities and states, I honestly have my mom to thank for this. She left meetings and work for the ten or fifteen minutes that it took to buy the tickets when they went on sale. She got the best seats she could and then when the time came for the concert, she drove me wherever it was. She took me all over to see the Jonas Brothers (#NoRegrets) and would let me make weekends out of it. Whenever my friends needed rides home, she would do it without complaining. When I wanted to go shopping or go to a friend's house, 99% of the time it was her in the driver's seat. For 16 and a half years, her life pretty much revolved around my schedule. Sometimes it still feels like that, and for that, I'm sorry momma.

2. Personal cheerleaders. In addition to driving me around for almost my entire life up to this point, my mom has put her invisible pompoms to use for various activities. She took me to soccer games, dance rehearsal (as well as sat through two 4+ hour recitals), coached my basketball team because my dad quit after 20 minutes because "girls were too much to handle", kept score for 3 years for my high school soccer team, caught for me at pitching for 4 years (still sorry about your bruises…), and so much more. My dad always went to my brother's games and my mom sat through mine from the age of 4 until my last softball game at age 17. Other than sporting events, she's always supported my academic and life decisions, which means more than sitting through one of my softball games, despite how hard it was to stay for longer than 2 minutes (we were awful).

3. Personal doctors. I freak out when I get sick because I am *knock on wood* never sick. My mom always knew what I needed to take or what was wrong with me and how to fix it. My first year away at school was going smoothly until one night a few weeks ago where I felt absolutely dreadful. I was seconds away from vomiting and texted her how terribly I felt. If I was at home, she would have gone out at midnight to get me ginger ale and whatever else I needed. But I was alone at school and I was crying because I didn't have my mom there to take care of me.

4. Everything. Moms are great when they do you favors and drive your around or come to support you or clean your room. The best things about moms is that they're always there for you. They give you advice when you might not want it. They talk to you when you think nobody else wants to. They teach you how to behave, whether it is through direct command or watching them over the years. They're your guiding force and for that, you should thank them.

I love my mom every single day of the year, but today is just a day where I can shower her with hugs and lay off on the sarcasm. I know my mom is reading this, so hi mommy! I love you bunches and am glad to be home! Hope I don't annoy you too much this summer (though I know you're amused by me!).

Tell your mom you love her today, and every day from now on.


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