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Walking On Sunshine

I'm lucky enough to live in a really cool place (in my opinion). A lot of kids around my age really despise where we grew up and constantly complain about getting out. Most never follow through with it, a testament to hard times or the inability to leave a cool place.

My best friend and I reunited today for a walk down by the water. It's my favorite place to walk because it's beautiful and there's always a refreshing mist coming from the waterfalls. We usually park at the Aquarium because it's free and it's a nice start to the walk overlooking the river from far above. Out of pure curiosity today, I decided to stop outside of the aquarium to look at the sea lions that swim around outside when they're not giving their shows on the inside. I used to stare at them for hours when I was a kid and it was nice seeing them again. They're so precious! Two were swimming around when I left, but I got a quick snap of one of them when it surfaced.

The sea lions at my aquarium are all rescues and are sent there because they're unable to be released into the wild. One of them is blind and the other was shot and badly wounded. Isn't that horrible?

It was nice catching up with my friend, especially since she had been so busy with basketball and school that we hadn't really had time to chat for a very long time. I was surprised at how easily we slipped back into the swing of things and reacquainted each other with what we had missed. I think that's a true testament to friendship!

We ended up walking for about two hours without even realizing it! We're both Italian and talk a lot (and very loudly) so it didn't even feel like two hours! I suppose that's a good thing. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little warm at times, but then you'd get hit by a little bit of mist or cool air coming off of the water and all was well again. The view on our walk wasn't too shabby either ;)

Afterwards, we got some well deserved frozen yogurt (#GuiltyPleasure) and caught up some more. I also thoroughly embarrassed myself by dancing to "Best Song Ever" after assuming that we were the only customers in the shop. Turns out, we weren't. But I can't resist a good One Direction song! It's just impossible.

What's your favorite way to spend nice days? 


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