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Road Trip Tips

I love road trips. I love watching the cars pass by with my eyes half open (I am not driving in this situation). Long drives to some place exciting are my favorite. In my life I've taken plenty of road trips with my family and friends, ranging anywhere from 2 hours to 9 (#TheWorst). After the first few, you learn some tips about what to do to pass time and learn what to bring for the long ride and what to leave at home. Here are some of the things I've learned over my years of traveling via my car.
  1. Good music. No road trip is a good one without some solid tunes. Lucky for you, I have made my own playlist for you guys to listen to over on 8tracks. You can find it right…here...
  2. Snacks. I recommend keeping it on the healthier side, like granola bars and protein bars rather than six different kinds of candies. You'll end up feeling gross and will crash from the sugar.
  3. Water. I don't care if you don't want to make one thousand bathroom stops. You're going to need it at some point and it's better to have it on hand than have to make one more pitstop to grab a bottle at a rest area.
  4. Pull over if you're tired. There are recommended areas and areas designated for cars to pull over and, well, rest.
  5. Travel with friends. It helps if you need a co-pilot, someone to switch driving shifts with you, or just for some good company.
  6. GPS. Don't be like my mom who got me lost to almost every single one of my softball tournaments. If you don't want to use a GPS, use the maps app on your phone. To be safe, always print out MapQuest directions to your destination and then back home incase your signal trips out halfway through your travels and you have no other options.
  7. Pillows. Just like water, you're going to want and/or need them eventually.
What is one of your "must have"s for road trips? Where's the best place you have road tripped to? I always need my iPod and a magazine with me. My favorite place was probably Rehoboth Beach, Delaware despite the 9 hour trip cramped in the backseat with two other people.


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