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What To Do While Your Nails Dry

If you enjoy the thirty minutes to three hour time of pure stress that follows after putting on the final coat of nail polish, you are not human or are fortunate enough to have a very great manicurist at your fingertips (literally). Everybody knows that those few hours of being extra careful not to mess up your freshly painted are truly just awful. You are basically held hostage by your wet nails. Even if you think they are dry, they're not. Smudging your nails feels like you just lost one of your children to a freak accident. It's just not a good feeling.

In order to maintain a smooth manicure, you have to be extremely careful until you are confident that your nails have actually dried. This means you must adapt all of your normal activities to cater to your wet nails. There are a few things that you can do to most definitely keep your nail polish from smudging while simultaneously making them dry faster.

  1. Lay down with your palms down and be careful not to move at all. Basically, play charades by yourself in which you are acting out "corpse".
  2. Swing your hands around wildly. The more windmill like you are, the better.
  3. Steal every hairdryer on the floor of your dorm and point the nozzle at your nails. You may need help setting them all up and getting them into the power strips.
  4. Stand on a stool and hold your nails up to the register blowing out heat or air conditioning, depending on where you live and what the temperature is outside.
  5. Hire people to blow on your nails while you catch up on Parks and Recreation
  6. Give up and curl up into a ball as you sob about how your future is going to be doomed if you cannot even stop yourself from smudging your nail polish. Consume a lot of food as you emotional eat your way through a week's worth of groceries.


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