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Why Was I Afraid of Liquid Liner For So Long?

If you asked me a few months ago my opinion on liquid liner, I would have automatically burst into tears and dug a spoon into a fresh pint of Ben and Jerry's. Liquid eyeliner was an art that I could not quite master no matter how many times I tried and accidentally made myself look like a panda. There are only so many lines you can draw all over your eyelid before you give up on something and deem it a hopeless cause.

For Christmas, a dear friend gave me a set of mascaras and eyeliners. Inside was a liquid eyeliner pen that I glared at for a few minutes before putting it back and wondering who would find a use for it. The next day I looked at it again and decided to use it just for fun. What could be the harm in it? Stab myself in the eye and go blind for the rest of my life? Small price to pay for experimentation.

The first time I used it, I royally fudged it up. It looked like my eighty-something year old grandfather had gotten sick of my fear of liquid eyeliner and took matters into his own hands. Truly a terrible look for me. I wiped my mess off and tried again. This time only one side looked a little wonky. Sure enough, after the tenth time I got my lines to be semi-even and not entirely wonky. I grew to love my eyeliner pen and I know that the day it dries out, I will have a memorial service for it. That's how much I love it now.

Liquid eyeliner pens save me so much time. Before, I used a dark eyeshadow as a powder liner, but that always faded after a few hours of wear and took a while to make opaque. Gel eyeliner took a while  to make a thick enough line. But, with the convenience of the eyeliner pen, I got a thick, decently lasting line that took mere seconds.

What's your favorite way to apply eyeliner?


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