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Essie's 'Where's My Chauffeur"

 In the middle of shopping for Christmas gifts for my friend, I managed to sneak in a gift or two from myself. This was one of the three (oops?) polishes I accidentally forgot to slip into their bags. This gem is from Essie and it is called Where's My Chauffeur? I love cute names for nailpolishes. It makes them that much more fun to say. This is robin's blue egg meets sky blue. In the bottle, it is a gorgeous color.

Though I did adore this in the bottle, I wasn't that thrilled with it when it translated onto my nails. It was a bit thinner and runnier than other Essie polishes of mine. I used three coats for this photo. It's not a horrible nail polish, but the color isn't my favorite. If you've been looking for a color like this, go for it! It's not a must have but it will be nice to have in my collection just incase.

Have you purchased any colors that you were really excited for...until you put it on your nails?


  1. MUST. HAVE. THIS. COLOR. ABSOLUTELY MUST. Did you get it from Ulta? I need it. Need. Beyond need. It is a requirement for me to keep breathing.

    Anyways, to answer your question. Hm. I'd have to say Make Mine Mango by Revlon :( It looks like an awesome coral color from the bottle but shows up as like an orange and I do not like orange. Another one that disappointed in layering terms was Bubble Bath by OPI. I adore the color to death and would take it to the grave but it took like twenty layers to put on and when I was taking it off, it like never ended because of those twenty layers.

    Anyways, thank you for introducing me to this awesome color <3


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