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Urban Decay Naked Basics palette

If I haven't mentioned this on my blog, I am a sucker for two things: matte eyeshadows and Urban Decay palettes. I don't know if UD read my mind or rifled through my brain, but I was Christmas shopping and saw this gem. I swear, this palette was tailor-made for me and any other matte-enthusiasts. 

This case is relatively compact, about (give or take a little) half the length of the Naked palette. I don't reapply my makeup during the day (based solely on the fact that I am lazy) but if I did it would be perfect for a makeup bag. Plus, it has a decent sized mirror! I plan on traveling with this as well.

It comes with six eyeshadow, five of them completely matte. Venus has a little sheen but it's forgiveable ;). When I was trying to open the palette, I nicked the fourth color on, Naked 2. It took me about a week to master opening this, to be honest. But alas, that small problem has been overcome.

In order from left to right, it goes Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint and Crave. Venus is a pearly, light champagne. Foxy is a yellow based nude (think Eden primer potion, eyeshadow form). Walk of Shame is milky tan matte kind of like the inside of a Whopper candy. Naked 2 is a light brown. Faint is a deeper brown, a little lighter than a "chocolate" color. Crave is a very dark brown, bordering black.

I could praise this palette forever, but I won't for sake of time and sanity. I'm going to get to the point. There are no disappointments in the formula of these eyeshadows. They apply smoothly and as pigmented as they seem like Urban Decay's best formulas. You can create man looks with this one palette. If you're a matte eyeshadow kind of gal, I highly, highly recommend this. If you're not, I would pass. Case in point: my friend asked what kind of neutral palette to invest in. She likes shimmery eyeshadows therefore I did not recommend this. It's as simple as that. I realize that though this is an every day palette for me, some people might not like this.

To make my final point: if you like matte eyeshadows in neutral colors, this is a must have. If you like shimmery eyeshadow, I'd pass.

Do you tend to prefer mattes over other eyeshadow finishes?


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