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MAC's Party Parrot Lipstick

Before you yell at me, I am well aware that this lipstick was limited edition and only available during the Strength collection and it now sold out. But, if this was a re-promote, who knows if it will be repromoted once again in the future. And now I shall carry on with my review of this lipstick.

Party Parrot, though released through a collection, is in the standard black bullet casing like most MAC lipsticks. This is only the second one I've owned, though I've swatched countless numbers at the counters. Off topic, but does anyone else feel really awkward shopping at  MAC? I hate asking for certain products...I'd rather pick them out for myself like at Sephora or Ulta. Just my opinion.

Party Parrot has a matte finish. I've never had a completely matte lipstick before, though one of mine seems very close. I had never seen this in person, but Rachel Whitehurst raves endlessly about it so I thought I'd pick up a tube.

This lipstick is not one for someone who isn't daring with their makeup, that is for sure. This lipstick is BRIGHT. You will not be missed wearing this color. It's a very neon coral, hinting more toward pink than an orange. Did I mention that it's extremely bold? Yes?

Onward to my actual review of this lipstick. I would like to mention that I am very fair skinned during the late fall and all of winter. I don't get tan until the sun comes out permanently and it doesn't last long. That being said, this looked slightly silly on me. But, if you have a slightly darker complex or a rocking tan, this is going to look amazing. My lips are also incredibly chapped so it settled into all of my lines, even with a balm. Once the temperature is warm and I get a tan, this lipstick is going to be my go-to, I can feel it. I've heard that Hourglass has an opaque rouge liquid lipstick that is quite similar, called Muse, I believe. If you've been itching for a color like this, perhaps you could check that out or try to get your hand on one.

Overall, nice lipstick, not totally drying, but it's just not the right season for me personally. I can do an updated review once the weather warms up a bit, if that would help. I'm sorry for reviewing a limited edition product. I promise that the next few reviews will be permanent! :)


  1. I feel like I want this so, so badly but it would look awful on me. As I said today, my face is undergoing improvements so please excuse its appearance for now.


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