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Stila's 'Living The Life In The Laguna' Palette

I bought this palette at Nordstrom Rack in Chicago. It comes with four eyeshadows, a cheek color and a bronzer/highlighter.

The names of the shadows (starting from the top) are Sand Dollar, Sunset, Cove and Bonfire. The cheek color is called Seashell and the Bronzer/Highlighter is Pacific Coast Highway.

 Sand Dollar is a light frosty pink. Sunset is a light cranberry. Cove is a gray-ish purple. Bonfire is a deep deep plum.

Seashell is a very pale pink with no shimmer. Pacific Coast Highway is a muted peach.

My biggest issue with this palette is that none of the colors on the back match what they actually look like. On the display on the back of the palette, Sand Dollar looks like it could almost be white, sunset looks like a light brown, cove looks more gray than purple and bonfire looks like a deep chocolate brown. I was a bit disappointed when I opened this up and discovered the colors I got considering I already have two drugstore quads with extremely similar colors. 

Seashell is too pale for my skin. It's even lighter than Dandelion, so it is basically useless until I lose my tan. I don't even understand how Pacific Coast Highway could be a bronzer for even the palest person on earth. It's not even bronze. It's more peach. The only way I could see anyone using these would be as highlighters, but they're not that shimmery so I don't know how that would work out. 

The pigmentation of the eyeshadows aren't awful, so those four might be worth it for you if you are a fan of pinks/purples. This palette retails for 14 dollars, but luckily I got mine discounted. 


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