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NOTD: China Glaze's 'Flip Flop Fantasy'

I picked this color up on the day before Easter sunday in hopes it would match with the dress I wore (side note: it didn't). I had never before that day used a China Glaze nail polish because I didn't know they sold them at the Sally's Beauty Supply next to Target...but I do now and I have to force myself not to go in.

 This is a vibrant and very neon pink. Sometimes it hurts to look at, to be honest. But it makes you look ridiculously tan. I actually really prefer wearing this on my toes.

My only issue with this color is that for some reason, without a top coat, it dries somewhat matte. This isn't too much of an issue since I always use a top coat, but if someone didn't I'd be concerned. The brush strokes can be visible if you're not careful and it took about three or four coats for me to get the color completely opaque and streak free. Again, this might just be mine. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm sure it's intended to be semi-matte but I really hate the finish without a top coat.

I really don't reach for this color too often just because of the application, but the color is very pretty and very summery. I'm pretty much in denial that summer is almost over (I go back to school next week---ick) so that's why I painted them this color. 

What has been your favorite nail polish pick of the summer? Leave them in the comments below---maybe I'll pick some up so I can be in denial some more. ;)


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