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Urban Decay's 'Skull Shadow Box' Pallete

I purchased entirely too much makeup on my trip to Chicago, and this is no exception. I got this little guy at the Nordstrom rack for more than half off!

I love Urban Decay's eyeshadows and palettes and products in general. I am a huge fan of the colors and pigmentation. This palette includes nine eyeshadows, all of a great size.

Going in order, I'll stop from the top.

Cherry is a pale lilac color. Midnight Cowboy Rises Again is a glittery bronze. Grifter is a glittery light purple.

Vert is a grassy green. Oil Slick is a true black with glitter pieces. Shattered is a baby blue.

Blunt is a yellowy gold. Chopper is a reddish copper. Twice Baked is a rich brown.

I have a few issues with the palette. Number one, I hate every single "Cowboy" eyeshadow that Urban Decay releases and I probably will until they fix the formulation. The colors are so pretty that you want to love them, but the glitter is so chunky and there is too much fall out to make the eyeshadow even decent. This is no exception. Even if you apply carefully with water or a mixing medium, there is still too much fallout. Grifter falls into the same category, though if you are careful, you can avoid a lot of it.

I don't do smokey eyes, but I love applying Oil Slick as an eyeliner on my upper lash line with a small angled brush.

I actually tested this out last night, and if you put Blunt all over the lid, Twice Baked on the outer corner and Chopper through the crease, it creates a gorgeous "bronze-y" eye. I loved the outcome of that. I'm sure Oil Slick as an eyeliner would've made it look even better.

Overall, if you're a fan of Urban Decay, I'd recommend this. But if you're not super into palettes or want something practical, I'd pass on this and invest in something like the Naked Palette.


  1. hi! I saw your blog as I've been searching for this review. I asked my friend from the state to buy me this since I heard its on sale :) I'll have my package this week! Can't wait :)

    BY the way, would you like to visit my blog as well? Change comment or subscribe to each other?

    Thank you! :)


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