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Music Affairs, Vol. One: July Jams

If there is one thing you have to know about me, it is that I am completely and utterly obsessed with music. I’m an avid listener and analyzer (self-proclaimed, at least). I know how to take the time to enjoy it and I know how to pick it apart into styles, dynamics, tempos, etcetera.

I’ve grown up learning to love the scene and everything about music. This blog isn’t all about makeup. It’s about my interests and music happens to be a big one.

Once a month (or maybe more) I’m going to list a few songs that I’ve been consistently enjoying and why. Maybe I’ll give more songs of theirs or songs like that one. Maybe I’ll do themed posts.

I hope you like these posts as much as I like making them.

For the month of July, since it is almost over, I’ve got a few songs that I seem to be coming back to.

1.    “To Be Beside You” by Gemma Hayes

 I stumbled upon this song by accident on iTunes one day. On my homepage, I get a list of ten or so songs that relate to recent purchases and this song so happened to be one of them. Instantly, after about thirty seconds of the preview I knew I had to buy it.

I love the acoustic, soulful sound she created. I’m a sucker for most soft sounding songs. Gemma has a very unique voice with just enough rasp to catch your attention but not enough to truly grate your ears.

The lyrics, though slightly repetitive (in a good way, most likely to emphasize the emotion) are incredibly beautiful, especially because of how they’re delivered. Her voice portrays the longing for someone. I’ve just loved this song for late nights or rainy days. I think it’s quite relatable as well.

2.    “Work of Art” by Rachel Platten

If you’re an ABC Family junkie like me, you’ll recognize the chorus of this song (or maybe the incredible talent behind it) from the show Jane By Design. I have a soft spot for fashion and that showed just got me hooked. Anyways, this song is the theme song and I think it’s so fun! It has a steady beat in the background that sets the upbeat tempo. Rachel has a lovely voice and some of her other songs (“1,000 Ships” especially) remind me of a more pop-rooted Regina Spektor. The song is very fun and I think it’s very cute!

3.    “She’s So Mean” by Matchbox Twenty

I’ve had a huge musical crush on Rob Thomas for a very, very long time. “Push” is one of my favorite songs of all time and they’ve had me hooked since Yourself or Someone Like You. This song is quite a bit more pop-based than their past albums but I can’t help but bob my head to it. I was skeptical at first but after hearing it on the radio a few  more times I found myself rolling down my windows and speeding (oops!) down streets because it’s just a great song to drive to. It’s a great summer song and I adore the lyrics. Ratty people like that are kind of my favorite.

4.    “Kiss You Inside Out” by Hedley

 I can’t get enough of this song! I live near Canada where this band is from so I catch a lot of the Canadian stations and this song is constantly on. You can’t escape it and I’m glad I can’t. The lyrics are a bit naughty (which makes it even better, in my opinion). Jacob Hoggard has an incredible voice. There aren’t many voices like his which makes a Hedley song recognizable as soon as you hear the first lines. This is yet another song that I love driving to with all of my windows down. I think that this song will carry on through to fall. Overall, it’s great. I love how the music is so simple. There’s nothing fancy going around with synths and excessive beats. There are some, but they’re not overpoweringly obnoxious.

5.    “The American Dream” by Allstar Weekend

These guys are the real deal. I’ve met them and they’re incredibly grounded and driven. They’ve recently left Hollywood Records, which if you weren’t aware, is a very big and influential record company in Hollywood synonymous with “teeny boppers”.  They’re housed big acts like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato who have all also left. Eventually, you’re going to outgrow that scene and that’s exactly what happened. What I like the most about their newest EP is that it was made completely on their own money by themselves. There was no big record company putting the final stamp of approval on everything and their true selves shine through. I’m bummed that I’m not seeing them this summer to hear their debut of these songs but I’m sure they’re fabulous.

Those are my five songs of the moment. I’m sure I’ll be back soon with five (or ten…) more. :)


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