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MAC Rubenesque Paintpot

This weekend, I got a chance to stop by the MAC Counter at a Macy's in Pittsburgh while on vacation. After an entire armfull of swatches, I decided on getting the paintpot in Rubenesque and my first MAC eyeshadow, the ever famous All That Glitters (swatches coming soon).
I don't own that many MAC products (just an MSF and Painterly paintpot), so it was kind of a big step to dive into getting two more products. I'm somewhat frugal with my money when it comes to makeup but I decided to just splurge and enjoy it. So far, I do!
During the summer (and to be honest, most of the school year), I'm a little too lazy to actually do my makeup so this paintpot gives me a complete eye look with one quick swoop of my ring finger.
 As for the color, it's a gorgeous coppery-peach. It has a shimmery finish, as opposed to something that is matte or glittery.
I put a very, very thin layer of this on at around eleven this morning and there is some remnants of it on now at quarter to nine at night! The longevity is there and I didn't notice any bad creasing, though my lids were a little oily. I'm assuming this is because of the extremely thin layer I applied and my naturally oily eyelids, so those of you with normal eyelids should have no problem with this.
You can get this at any MAC retailers (Macy's, Nordstrom, etc.), a standing store or for 17.50!


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