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MAC All That Glitters

In the same trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend, I also picked up my first MAC eyeshadow. I was stuck between Gleam and All That Glitters but I decided to go with the cult favorite on this one. I've been looking for this color for a good two years, but I've had no such luck...mostly because I refused to ask for help at the MAC counters. Ask if you can't find it!!!

Can I just say how much I adore MAC's packaging? The black looks so sleek. That is the one thing that attracts me to brands like MAC and Nars; the sleek black packaging. It is to die for.

As for the actual eyeshadow itself, the color payoff is great. There didn't seem to be too much fallout, though you should always use a base with your shadows to prevent fallout/keep prolong the wear time.

The picture shown doesn't do the color much justice, but in real life the color is more of a pinky-peach with a shimmery---but not glittery---finish. This explains why it is a veluxe pearl finish. The eyeshadow has a smooth texture and though there is a slight, fine glitter it isn't overpowering or problematic.

Here is a picture of All That Glitters (left) swatched next to the Rubenesque paintpot (right):

All That Glitters is slightly more pink than the more coppery/gold paintpot.

All in all, I highly recommend this eyeshadow to add to your collection or to start your collection if you haven't yet gotten into makeup. I purchased mine in the pot form for 15 dollars, but you can buy it in the pan form for much less.


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