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#StyleGoals: Olivia Palermo

Friday, October 9, 2015

I have so many style crushes, or rather, #StyleGoals, that fill my tumblr and Pinterest boards and cork boards and every empty space in my head that isn't already occupied by Harry Styles (and the sneaky Liam Payne every once in a while when he's being particularly adorable). I just love getting new ideas for outfits and shopping trips from women that I really admire stylistically. Or, in Olivia Palermo's case, just in general. 

You might know OP from her stint on Hills spin-off The City. Palermo is a socialite, blogger (um, her website is gorgeous? Like could she be any more perfect?), and all around ray of sunshine. Her husband is gorgeous and her style is impeccable. She wore white shorts to her wedding. SHORTS. I admire her in all aspects of life, but especially in that one.

I have a whole (still growing) Pinterest board of her outfits because they're just so, for lack of better words, on point. She has no problem experimenting with mixing textures and prints, but she also doesn't mind kicking it back with a tank top, jeans, and a basic blazer. She keeps you on your toes and I love that in a fashionista. And any girl that can rock denim on denim is a winner in my eyes. As far as I'm concerned, OP is the queen of the denim mixture.




Who's your #StyleGoal? 

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