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Walk the Moon is such a great band, which is why I am so shocked that I haven't heard this song before. Or if I have, I didn't fall in love with it like I have over the past week. It came up on shuffle during one of my pre made Spotify stations and I immediately added it to my list. I have not been able to take this song off of shuffle. It's so sad? But it doesn't sound all that sad? Walk the Moon has that amazing ability. They're just a great band all together. I highly recommend giving their first album a listen! And then their second. Rinse, and repeat.

2. How To Get Away With Murder (so far)

Admittedly I am only six episodes into this TV show, but I dedicated a greater portion of my night the other day so that I could start binging this show. I had to stop because I have work that I need to get done and I literally cannot focus on anything else while I'm watching the show. It is so consuming and amazing and I WANT TO WATCH ALL OF IT NOW. Viola Davis absolutely kills it, Alfred Enoch is such a cutie, AND JACK FALAHEE, LET ME KISS YOU ON THE MOUTH. This whole cast is incredible, honestly. And it's on Netflix now, so what are you waiting for?!?!?!

3. Alexa Chung x British Vogue documentary series

I watched the four out of six episodes that are out right now and let me tell you, these are so informative. It's an easy way to get immersed into the world of fashion. Alexa Chung's humor and charm is just one of the most fantastic bits about her, so to have her interviewing all of these incredible fashion designers and icons and students is so entertaining and rewarding. It's a fun way to get a healthy dose of fashion into 11 to 12 minutes!

4. The Weather

It's been a little humid the past couple of days, but all in all, this weather is absolutely gorgeous. I've been able to wear my favorite plaid blanket scarf, my riding boots, and ALL THE DARK LIPSTICK! Okay, so I haven't worn it that much, but now it's more of an option than ever and I love living life with that. If the weather could stay in the low 60s, high 50s for the rest of forever, I'd be perfectly okay with that.

What have you been loving lately?


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