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What Did I Get During the Sephora VIB Sale?

In theory, maybe this post would have been better to share when the Sephora VIB sale was actually happening but why not just wait until the whole thing is over to just stay on brand with not making much sense ever? I got two separate orders because I’m kind of trash and spending money that I don’t have is one of my hobbies. I needed some replenishments of everyday staples to keep me looking fresh and alive as well as new skincare additions to lure a man to fall in love with me. Just kidding. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

I use the Sephora VIB sale for two things: repurchasing things I know I love and use on a daily–or at the very least a regular–basis because it's something I would end up buying anyways so I might as well get a discount on it, right? I also use it for the arguably more fun reason of trying out new products with slightly less guilt. This time I went into the sale with no list and just basically spent approximately six to seven hours on the Sephora website looking through their entire stock and reading reviews until I narrowed it down to four things that I prayed to god would work out for me so I didn't have to cry about wasting money.

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Kiehl's is a tried and true favorite of many people that I know, but my extent of experience with the brand is using up a sample of their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, which I would highly recommend if you get crusty eyes during the winter time like I do because it is thick and creamy and will banish all dry patches from your under eyes. I haven't had a clay mask in my collection for a while, so the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque seemed like a logical addition to my collection to fill a gap that has been a huge void for a couple of years now. I like to keep these masks around for those weeks where I feel like I've been especially hard on my skin so I can deep cleanse and detox all of the shit that gathers on my face.

This is a really gentle clay mask. It's not overly thick and doesn't flake off in huge chunks. It's super smooth and comfortable to wear. I'm not particularly worried about the size of my pores, but I'm always worried about excess oils on my skin and dirt clogging my pores because that is a cocktail of garbage that makes me breakout, which is not something that I ever enjoy. It's also infused with oatmeal and aloe, so it's super calming and gentle and not incredibly aggressive and thick. I'm digging it so far, but I'll refrain from making any final statements until I've had time to properly test it!

This Sunday Riley oil has been on my radar for months. I had it on my Christmas list, mostly because it is full of my favorite things in the entire world: ANTIOXIDANTS! Y'all know I'm on the hunt for antioxidants in my skincare because ya bitch doesn't want any of the nasty New York City pollutants getting to her skin and wreaking havoc like it did last year when I moved. As you might know from my 12 Beauty Products On My Radar post, I had a lot of oils that I was looking at, but I was mostly sold on this one for three reasons: (1) antioxidants, (2) I've been curious about it for months, and (3) it came in a miniature size for half the price so I could test it out without dropping $70+ on it. 

This oil keeps your skin nourished and moisturized, which is super important to me. But, it also helps keep your skin looking radiant and luminous and also has some anti-aging properties which I'm starting to slowly work into my routine for some preventative methods!

This shit is bananas. I've seen this Farmacy product come up a lot on Instagram with people raving about it, especially for problematic acne-prone skin. While I'm not actively breaking out, I kind of just fear that my skin will just act out at any given moment so I like to be prepared with products to help nip that shit in the bud. This AHA Resurfacing Night Serum resurfaces, hydrates, and clarifies dull skin. So basically, it does everything it says it's going to do, and more. I'm not one to notice immediate changes in skincare. Honestly, sometimes I can use a whole serum and not be able to pinpoint what it actually did for my skin. However, the day after I used this, I noticed that my skin looked noticeably, like, glowy? I don't even know how to describe it. It's subtle, not like instant disco ball, but it just made my bare skin look so much more elevated. I don't want to be separated from this serum ever again. I didn't apply it one night this weekend because I was a bit drunk and tired when I got home and only could muster up the energy to remove my makeup, cleanse my face, and put on some moisturizer before I passed out. That night was the worst night ever for that reason. Just kidding, but really, I love this stuff probably with my whole heart tbh.

My mask collection has depleted pretty dramatically so I wanted to replenish the collection so I could have my selfcare nights and be able to do something other than just like, wash my face and call it a day. I figured since I seemed to be on a Farmacy kick, I might as well get something else from them! This stood out to me because of the Vitamin C. I haven't been actively trying to fade the remainder of my redness and minor scarring from years of picking my acne, but Vitamin C can help brighten your skin and lessen the appearance of those marks (overtime, obviously, it's not an overnight thing). This mask is fun because it changes colors and since I'm a child, this is fascinating to me apparently. I also really enjoyed the feeling and look this gave my face after. Much like the Honeymoon Glow, my skin's appearance had a subtle difference, but that's all I can really ask for after one use for the first time. I'm excited to keep using and testing it out to see how continued use treats my skin! 

I was afraid that I was going to run out of my original tub of this setting powder from Laura Mercier, so I wanted to make sure I had a backup on hand for that moment so I don't have to go a day without having this magic powder in my life. This Translucent Setting Powder Glow was in My August Favorites in 2018 as well as my overall 2018 Beauty Favorites from last year. I wear this powder every day. I feel empty if I ever choose not to use it in an attempt to conserve it on days I'm not leaving the house besides to run a quick errand in the neighborhood. I'm still 99% sure you're not really meant to use it all over your entire face but like, I really don't care. This powder is the reason I look like a human every day and I will continue to douse my entire face in it.

One time I saw Zoe Sugg talk about how fun and interesting this powder felt so I instantly felt the need to get it. The day I got it, I think I legitimately squealed and literally applied it at my desk and then proceeded to make my male coworker try it as well because it felt so cool. Y'all, this powder legit feels cold. It's a weird experience and I enjoy it thoroughly and will continue to obsess about it, especially with summer coming. I use this specifically under my eyes to set my concealer but would happily set my entire face with it if I wasn't so hopelessly devoted to my Laura Mercier setting powder that makes my skin look like it's glowing both from within and from...without? Outside? Y'all know what I mean.

GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. I DID IT. I FIND AN EYELINER TO REPLACE THE HOLY GRAIL KAT VON D TATTOO LINER SO I DON'T HAVE TO GIVE HER MY MONEY ANYMORE. Shoutout to my pal Bex for recommending this to me and saving me the pain and suffering of having to fork over money to Kat Von D (y'all can just Google her to figure out why this pained me, if you don't already know). Anyways, this is a super black brush tip liner that gives me the flexibility and freedom to create ultra-thin lines for less dramatic eyeliner and very precise tips but also works equally as well for more dramatic liner looks. This is waterproof, the perfect formulation where it's not too wet but also isn't dry and impossible to use either. I'm just so excited that there's a new queen in town. Will I probably make a whole post about this revelation? Most likely. Be prepared!

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Did you get anything from the Sephora sale?


  1. Okay, I officially want to try EVERYTHING. Especially that Farmacy oil! I keep my skincare routine so so basic because I'm worried that any change will break me out, but that oil sounds amazing.

    xoxo, Cecilia //

  2. The Laura Mercier setting powder is the best! Need to try some of these other products, though!


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