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I Finally Started Listening to Podcasts, Where Have I Been?

Listen, I am 100% aware that I am extremely behind when it comes to the podcast train. Like...incredibly behind. Like so far behind that it feels silly to even talk about this, but alas, here I am, writing this post about my newfound fascination for podcasts. In full disclosure, I'm still dipping my toes in, but I've been known to use this blog to hold myself responsible for certain things and write things into existence.

My initial hesitancy with podcasts was honestly just based entirely on my attention span. I had tried listening to podcasts years ago and I made it through a few episodes of My Favorite Murder and Monocycle on a long bus ride to New York City and back, but soon after that trip was over, every time I tried to listen I felt like I missed the entire thing. When I listen to music, I tend to just zone out. I found it difficult to sit down and just...listen without things going in through one ear and out through the other. I felt like I was missing the entire thing while my thoughts were racing about other irrelevant things, so I pushed them to the side because I felt like I couldn't give them the time and attention that they deserved.

Using my attention span as an excuse seems unfair and like a bit of a cop-out though. I have a good attention span, but I also have the tendency to create stress for myself and force myself into a gogogo lifestyle that becomes overwhelming and by default makes my thoughts feel disorganized. So, while podcasts are great to consume, I'm also using them as a way to force myself to sit down and just listen instead of keeping things on as background noise while I borderline self-destruct.

Since I'm still new to podcasts, I don't have a huge arsenal of favorites yet (I'm working on it). I see lots of recommendations on my Instagram Stories on a basically daily basis, but I'm working through podcasts by people that I've already been following, mostly content creators that have expanded their work beyond their blogs, YouTube channels, and social accounts. It's easier for me because I'm already used to them and their voice and clearly like the rest of the content they produce, so their podcasts are sort of a "no duh" thing for me to listen to. 

For someone who went to school for writing, I don't know the best way to transition into some of my favorite podcasts of the moment, so let's just use this sentence and space as a really ungraceful flow into some podcasts that I suggest you guys listen to, but I'm sure you probably already do because I'm ten thousand years late to the party (typical).

There is not a single thing in this world that I love more than Estée Lalonde. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but I love everything that this woman does and is. I don't like the word cool because it doesn't really mean anything, but Estée exudes this energy that is so positive and raw and I just think she's hilarious and a gem of a human. This podcast is truly just a conversation that Estée has with her guests that covers everything from lady troubles to being single to conversations about business and beyond. There are also portions where listeners can submit questions through a ~retro~ voicemail aspect which I find super fun and interactive!

My Favorite Episodes: "Friendship with Amelia Liana," "Embracing Your Sexuality with Eileen Kelly," and "Body Positivity with Callie Thorpe"

I have the biggest life crush on Sophie Milner, guys. I just think she's spunky, relatable, and so real. Also, her fashion is *chef's kiss* perfect. This podcast is everything the title would suggest. It's two women candidly discussing pop culture, millennial happenings, fashion, love, sex, and everything you would ever want in between. It's like listening to a conversation between friends about things that you'd actually discuss. It's just refreshing and simple and is everything I could want in a podcast. I definitely prefer conversation based content about things that I think about and talk about in my everyday life. Maybe it's my narcissism, or maybe I just like reinforcing those thoughts and aspects of my life. Who knows!

Favorite episodes: "How to Get More Instagram Likes: A Theory by Leandra Medine, Man Repeller," "How to Make Friends As Adults," and "Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!"

Grace Helbig is one of those people that I've been watching on YouTube for as long as I've been consuming content on that platform and I will never jump ship on. I think she's hilarious, clever, and has dealt with a lot of shit being a creator for that long. This podcast is just kind of nonsensical comedic gold that, as the title states, really doesn't get too deep but also has its moments that slip through (hey, we're all human, right?). Grace is just a genuine and hilarious human who asks great questions (I'm a big fan at the common question of asking people to describe stories of them shitting themselves in three words). Grace has a variety of guests from run of the mill celebs to other YouTube creators. It's a great balance and she always manages to put her special Grace spin on everything.

Favorite Episodes: "Chelsea Handler - Life Will Be the Death of Me," "Elle Mills - Dodie and Corinna Love Triangle and Learning Family Boundaries," "Lily Marston - Defy Media, First Impressions, and Pudding"

So, you're probably wondering why these are looped together. So. You see. I've listened and I've enjoyed both of these podcasts, but also haven't listened to them enough to fully put them on my favorites list. But they also don't belong on the next list I'm going to share of podcasts I want to start listening to, so I've just gone ahead and put them together because these are two podcasts by people I've watched on YouTube for a while that I've enjoyed enough to listen to multiple episodes but haven't fully committed to because I'm just getting used to this world. Ya feel?

So now we dive into the sort of "holding myself responsible" section of this post where I just want to talk about the podcasts that I want to start listening to but haven't carved time out to do so. I just want to keep it fair and bring up some people who are doing great things and piqued my interest but haven't gotten a listen yet because I am literally human garbage.

Ya bitch loves herself some beauty, what can I say? This just seems like a super interesting podcast about the industry that I immerse myself in so deeply just because I can. I love that they sit down with the people behind some of our cult-favorite brands and delve into the industry beyond the glitzy overlay. Most of what I find about beauty fascinating are the stories behind everything, so I know this would be up my alley, I just haven't sat down to listen yet.

This is a podcast hosted by two fashion journalists, which is what I wanted to do forever (well, at least for a while) so that immediately drew me in. It delves into the behind the scenes of the fashion industry and y'all know how much I love BTS (not the k-pop group, though "Boy With Luv" is a fucking bop). The way the fashion industry operates is beyond me, which is precisely why I need this podcast in my life!

Kayley is someone I follow on Instagram and I just really love her feed and outlook. She's very honest and open to talking about what she believes. She runs her own influencer marketing business and as someone who works in the same industry, just in a different country and capacity (though the US and Canadian markets have a lot of overlap), I find her perspective super interesting! Kayley covers a lot, from mental health, being an entrepreneur, and sits down to talk to other entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, etc.

I feel like the name says it all! I follow Britney on Instagram and love her content and perspective in the industry! It seems like it's a conversation with friends to discuss the industry, lifestyle bits, and cover those relatable topics that we want to talk about but don't necessarily always have the outlets or people in our life to do so with!

Shirt: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Skirt: Uniqlo
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Forever 21

What are some of your favorite podcasts?


  1. I usually listen as I'm cleaning or driving, LOVE podcasts!!

  2. Podcasts are the best! I haven't listened to any of these yet, but will be adding them to my list. Jenna Kutcher has a good one and there's an awesome one about the Elizabeth Stewart Gardner Museum heist called Last Seen that I love!


  3. Loving the dark glam. You look stunning!


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