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Posts from 2018 That I Actually Enjoyed Writing


As lazy as I am, if I'm truly not into a blog post, I won't write it. Will I still post that day but just choose not to carry on with my original idea because it didn't turn out the way that I wanted it to? Absolutely. RIP to these posts that I've left off mid-sentence to meet their makers in my drafts: Insecurities (one paragraph in), The Importance of Platonic Relationships (three sentences in), and Are There Enough Hours In The Day (no) (but also two long paragraphs and an incomplete sentence in).

However, there are posts this year that I might love more than others, just like my dad might love me more than my two brothers but mostly out of long-lasting fear after my teenage years. (This is true, you can ask him)(Hey mom, please comment on this post so anyone reading this can see your comment confirming that this fact about your husband and my father is indeed true)(And now you reading this, please check the comments to see if, in fact, my mother did comment to prove that this is true).



Here are some of my favorite posts from 2018 and maybe why if I decided to not go the entirely lazy route and gave somewhat of an explanation.

Also yes, halfway into January, this finally concludes the last of the 2018 round-up content in the new year so we will be back to our regularly scheduled stream of consciousness posts on Wednesday!

1. Why Is Fashion So Trivialized | I feel like this was part of the start of me starting to talk more about things on this blog that were on my mind instead of trying to focus solely on fashion and lifestyle tips. One big struggle for me in 2018 was figuring out content outside of college. Even if I graduated in December of 2016, I still was surrounded by collegiate lifestyles until May 2017 when I moved out of my apartment in Cleveland and even after that, I had some of that content still churning out of my blog because it was all I knew for four years.

2. Dressing Like a Haim Sister | I just liked this one because I liked my outfit and Haim and those Public Desire booties that I can barely walk in.

3. Am I Doing It Right? | This was, probs, the most ~ honest ~ blog post I've ever written. I feel like I was just super frustrated with not having a job yet and with the comparison game. It might be my favorite post of the year, but I also did a post about seeing Niall Horan live so like. That might top it just because I'm 1D Trash 4eva.

4. Writer's Block, My Worst Enemy | Raise your hand if you love writer's block!

5. Truthful Winter Night Routine | Look at me, trying to be all funny and clever and stuff.

6. Seeing Double Denim | I just loved this outfit and these photos so much!

7. Four Years of Life According to Francesca | Can you believe I've been on my bullshit for this long?!

8. Making the Move to NYC | This has to be the post I was most excited to share. I'd already shared on social media but hadn't announced on my blog yet, so it was just so fun to finally put the good news out into another part of the universe.

9. How I Taught My Mom to Take My Blog Photos | It took some time but it was time well spent!

10. How I Saved My Money to Move to NYC | We love some good ole educational posts from time to time!

11. Gingham? I Don't Know Him! | You just know I laughed to myself about this blog title for way too long.

12. How I Found My NYC Apartment | Brought my crazy spreadsheet to the blog! Even if we never actually chose an apartment from said spreadsheet because I thought we couldn't afford Williamsburg!

13. On Maintaining Friendships IRL + Online | I think this was me getting honest with the fact that sometimes (see: most of the time) I feel like a bad friend. And if it wasn't...woops! Now you know!

14. My Skin's Reaction to New York City + How I Fixed It | I'm not going to say anything about this post because if I make a comment about my skin, it knows and starts to act up.

15. Breaking Out of the "Cool Girl" Tumblr Attitude | I've written posts about not understanding the word "cool" before and this feels like a necessary extension of that.

16. Six Years of Blogging + Why I Won't Give It Up | My blog is going to be the longest relationship I ever have.

17. Long Live the Stream of Consciousness | YA GIRL LOVES A STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS!

18. A New York Minute | I just loved these photos so shoutout to Emily for finding this spot

19. Learning How to Do Things Alone | Something I still struggle with, but am trying to get better about.

20. My Unapologetic Fangirl Years | Yeah, I have fangirl tendencies, what of it? I need to start getting better about not being embarrassed about it.

21. Street Diaries: An Evening at the Fair | Remember that time I fucking FELL OUT OF A CAR AND BLOODIED MY ELBOW AND WRIST BECAUSE I HAD TO PEE ONLY A FEW HOURS BEFORE A NIALL HORAN CONCERT? Yeah, ME TOO. I still have a scar. An amazing show though. So good. So worth all of the blood. And I didn't even get an OUNCE of it on my white shirt or light denim shorts. #Blessed

22. What Happened When I Stopped Taking Myself So Seriously | If I took myself seriously I definitely wouldn't post half of the shit I post on Instagram Stories and I probably wouldn't use the word "shit" so liberally in my blog posts.

23. Six Months in NYC | Can't believe I get to write posts like this!!!! Because it means I live here!!!! Wild!!!!

24. A Moment of Silence...Please? | I don't remember this post but I remember enjoying writing it and people enjoying it so?????

25. 6 Basic Brunches in New York City | GIMME ALL THE AVOCADO TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

26. Finding Time For Yourself in a Big City | Pro tip: just LOCK YOURSELF IN YOUR ROOM FOR TEN HOURS. Kidding. Just like, wear some headphones and don't go to Midtown.

27. "There Wasn't a Gilmore Girls Episode for This" | I'm not sure if this post was my favorite or if I was just amused by the fact that the title of this blog post is DEADASS, VERBATIM SOMETHING I TOLD MY BOSS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SEMI-IMPORTANT CONVERSATION.

28. I Tried (And Failed) to Wear Red Lipstick Every Day for a Week | This was just different that any blog post I've done and I want to do more!!!

Anyways, that's all! HAPPY 2019 FINALLY!


  1. Yes, Francesca, it is entirely true.

  2. I apparently don't know how to put my name to a comment, but the last one was from her mother.


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