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2018 Beauty Favorites

An actual reflection on 2018 will be coming on Friday, but I just haven't had the brain capacity to sit down and think about the year as a whole yet. So much has happened and it's just going to take me a hot second to, you know, think it all through. Like I could have been the past two weeks and chose not to...

Tbh, I needed to take that time off of the blog just to chill and enjoy the holiday and like, live my life. Except I missed my blog and writing. I just had to talk to my dogs about my feelings instead of typing it all out. It's less satisfying when all they do is either blink at you, bark, or sleep. Hence, why we are back today to talk about some of my favorite beauty products from 2018!

If I truly listed out every single favorite from this year, it would be a long, long list that would be completely insufferable to sit through. All in all, there hasn't really been anything this year that I was disappointed in, mostly because I've been carefully spending my money and also never make purchases without doing diligent research first. I'm not the type of person who just hoards shit and buys on a whim in hopes that I like something. If I'm spending my money on it, it better be good! No pressure on any of the products that I might decide to pick up in the future...

If you're curious to see other products I did enjoy this year that might not be on this list though, check out the 'Beauty' tag on my blog!

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This is a forever favorite. I've tried other foundations I've liked recently, but come on, this foundation has taken the cake every single year since I started college. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation when I have this on, but it also builds up to pretty full coverage. I'd say with a pump to a pump and a half, it's medium coverage but if you do two or three, you can really build it up to cover any pesky spots. I'm a sucker for this foundation, forever and always.

I clearly love this highlighter so much that I smashed it! Kidding. The one downfall of these highlighters is that they're mega fragile. Mine died when I lent it to my team when we were shooting one of our male co-workers doing my female co-worker's makeup and he went a litttttle to hard with the brush and application and it kind of broke later. Still works though! This is just the reality of makeup. It doesn't stay pretty forever but at least it still works! This is just the perfect light golden shade on me. I'm fair skinned so anything too dark or golden looks kind of muddy and messy on my skin since it's just too dark to look good on me. Plus, a little of this highlighter goes a loooooong way.

This product forever changed my foundation for the better and honestly, I'm not sure if I can wear foundation without it now. Is the difference subtle to probably everyone else? Hell yeah, but to me it makes all the difference! I used to use this as directed as a highlighter under all of my powders, but then I'd still put a powder highlight over it to make it pop and stay so what did it really matter? Then I remembered that back in the day, I used to mix Benefit's Sun Glow with my foundation because as a highlighter, it was kind of disappointing but I didn't want it to go to waste. 

I've used this liquid highlighter in two shades: 30 Golden Champagne, which I've completely gone through, and 50 Golden Copper, which I've almost gone entirely through and already have my replacement. If you don't wear a lot of makeup, especially a ton of powders, I think you would really like this for what it's original intention is. However, if you're a glowy bitch like me and want your skin to look dewy and natural without sacrificing medium to full coverage foundations (dewier foundations tend to have lighter coverage, IMO), this is a good tip to keep in mind!

Again, I talk about these shadows a lot but in particular, I obsess over the two shades in the front and I always forget their names because this was one of those little create your own quad deals and I don't remember what I chose and apparently never documented them anymore. Edit: Upon searching through far too many Sephora purchases (I used to spend so much money there rip) I found the actual shade names, except I think at least one is unavailable on Sephora and Ulta. The bronze shade is Topaz and the metallic shade is Metal.

I digress, I could live with just these two shades and it would be a sad life, but I could do my makeup with just the two of these colors. Or at least, my eyeshadow. Can't really use 'em as foundation or lipstick or...I think you get the hint. They're the perfect combo for a good warm-toned bronze/champagne eye. The metallic shade has a little fallout, but it's nothing a quick swipe of a brush can't handle!

Bet you never thought I'd talk about brushes and tools on my blog! I always forget to mention them and honestly, that's on me. I usually avoid talking about them because (1) they're never clean for me to photograph and (2) I buy cheap ass brushes because they work like, kind of fine and I'm too cheap to buy new ones. But this Real Techniques powder brush? The real deal. I love using it for my Laura Mercier loose powder because my dense EcoTools powder brush applies the powder way too heavy for a glowy powder. I prefer denser brushes for my pressed powders, but if you need a nice fluffy brush for any loose powders, look no further!

Listen, all I have to say about this dry shampoo is that it once allowed me to go five days without washing my hair and nobody had any clue. And I could still run my fingers through my hair without them getting stuck or coated in grease. If you need yourself a loose powder dry shampoo that doesn't make your hair even more sticky, Blow Pro has your back. 

This is the original Glossier Solution minus the salicylic acid and that's the tea. This is just a chemical exfoliant, which sounds more intimating than it is. It basically exfoliates your skin and makes everything nice and bright instead of dull and lifeless. If you want some radiance back in your skin without drying it the fuck out (as someone who used hella acne products that made her skin the Sahara desert, trust me) and don't wanna drop a ton of money, this bottle is about $15 and I've had mine for over a year. 

I talk about this mask in more detail in a post I did about new products I was testing out and it is far more detailed that I can be about it right now. This mask is full of anti-oxidants and is great for reducing redness and with the zits on your cheeks that are caused from the lovely pollution, hence why my skin flipped out when I moved from the 'burbs to the big city.

I feel like all I need to say about this powder is that my skin has never gotten more compliments. Yes, my skin is more clear than it ever has been before, but this powder makes your skin pop. Is it something I should be using all over my face to set it? Probs not! I believe it's meant for your cheekbones but I don't play by the rules. I want this all over my face to make me look like the glowy goddess that I deserve to be!

I gave Lexli's entire acne kit a very comprehensive review in this dramatic post about how New York City RUINED my skin and what I did to nurse it back to health. Truthfully, everything of Lexli's that I've ever tried is a favorite, but the AloeGlyC is the only one I have right now because I've run out of the rest of my faves from the acne kit. I got this product with a voucher they provided me, but I would spend actual hard earned cash on this stuff because it made my skin look unlike it's ever looked before. Literally, my skin hasn't been this clear since I was in elementary school!!! That's like 13 years ago!

This is a Glycolic Acid exfoliant that also helps fight free radicals so like, a big middle finger to pollution and all of the environmental factors that are affecting our skin and we can't even do anything to stop it. I mean, we could, but...I digress. It helps fight against aging and sun damage, but if you have acne, it unclogs pores and helps reduce hyperpigmentation from scarring and redness.

So. Close. To. The. End. It's been a marathon writing this post, y'all. This Too Faced bronzer is clearly very well loved. The picture stands for itself! I use this to contour because contour palettes are expensive and intimidate me especially since I stay the same shade of pale all year round so I don't need all of those colors for myself! I just need one. This one, in particular, because it smells sweet, is super matte, and blends really nice and has just been my trusty bronzer/contour hybrid for so, so long. 

Who let lip stains die? Why did we all collectively stop wearing them? When did liquid lipsticks takeover? I would die for this lip stain. That's super dramatic, I'm going to back it up for a second. I really, really love this lip stain though. It's pretty sheer with one coat, but if you do three, you will have a 90% opaque red lip that isn't going to go anywhere. I also like to wear this underneath all of my red lipsticks because if the lipstick wears off, then at least the stain is there underneath until I get a chance to reapply, if I even have to. It's mega comfortable, has amazing staying power, and smells delicious to boot!

What were some of your 2018 beauty favorites?


  1. I am in the market for a new concealer so I'll have to try out the Makeup Forever one!
    I think my HG product this year has been the Glossier Wowder and my Marc Jacobs Shameless foundation!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes


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