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Three New Foundations In My Collection | Hourglass, Urban Decay, and Becca

If you've read even like, two of my beauty posts then you would know that for the past six or so years, I've been wearing the Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation religiously. I've thrown in a few higher end ones a couple of times, but all in all, whatever is on my face is usually the Covergirl foundation because it's affordable and doesn't kill me inside when I have to repurchase every couple of months because my face is huge and also I need/needed full coverage to sort out my acne situation. However, I got a foundation from work and my lovely friend sent me a couple because they weren't her shade so I've found myself testing out three new foundations as of late and let me just tell you, I never thought this would be happening. 

When I use a foundation, I look for a few things. First, obviously a good color match. Second, a lightweight formula that still has good coverage. It's possible, trust me. Foundations don't need to be heavy to be opaque! And I also look for longevity because what's the point of a foundation that gets creased and gunky after six hours. I need that stuff to last alllllll day! These are all things that I've kept in mind when testing these out for the past month or so. I'll talk about the texture, coverage, lasting power, and what I like to use to apply it. 

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I've been mega-curious about this for a while but never really thought that I'd enjoy a stick foundation. I'm a liquid foundation girl, through and through and I've never really like the cream face products I've tried in the past i.e. creamy stick concealers. They always felt heavy and never really seemed to ever blend out. However, quite a few of the UK YouTubers I watched were reviewing this and I felt the urge to test the waters. Luckily, my darling friend Hannah from The Cleansed Review had this in a shade that didn't match her because she isn't the fairest of them all like me. 

The color match for this is good so put a nice ole check mark on that requirement. This is obviously subjective so maybe it won't have the right shades for everyone. It looks like it has 32 shades and has about 12 or so and a little under half seem to be medium to deep in terms of shades. Not the worst, but not the best. 

In terms of application, basically, you just twist up the foundation and apply it in short stripes around your face. Pretty simple and a clean application as opposed to what I do with a liquid foundation which is put it on the back of my hand and mix it with some kind of liquid highlighter to make my face #GlowUp and then will dot it on my face then blend it out. Another difference with the way I apply this foundation is that I buff it out with a dense foundation brush from Elf instead of using my Beauty Blender sponge. It actually blends out super seamlessly and leaves a gorgeous medium coverage. I tend to just go over it again with a damp sponge just in case there are any streaks, but there usually aren't. 

This foundation doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my face like you'd like a creamy stick foundation might. I actually couldn't feel it on my skin all day and only had to use a little undereye concealer and cover up a few red spots I have at the moment no doubt from stress. I set it with my usual loose powder and had no issues with it throughout the day. I didn't get oily or greasy looking and it didn't break down on or around my nose which is where foundations tend to fail for me sometimes. I'm super impressed with it and it's going to be difficult deciding what foundations are going to come home with me for Christmas break!

This one apparently is a bit of a controversial choice! Everyone I've talked to has disliked this foundation. Which, I get it. It can occasionally feel a bit heavy but I only made that mistake once and have adjusted the way that I use it and really enjoy it! This is a pretty full coverage foundation. I only need two pumps to sufficiently cover my entire face, which says a lot because I am honestly a three pump girl. I told you, big face and lots of acne! I struggled a bit to find the right color of this one for myself, but the color match is pretty solid. 

I apply this one with my damp Beauty Blender like all of my other foundations because, well, I just prefer sponges to brushes in almost every situation. It's v opaque so you're definitely going to want to dab and pat all over your face and down your next to spread the product evenly and make sure that it's not on too heavy or else you will feel it which isn't fun when it comes to face makeup. Anything that says it lasts for 24 hours or lasts all night rubs me the wrong way, but this one does have good lasting power. Honestly, a lot of foundations have good lasting power if you set them properly but I've definitely tried a few in the past from Wet N Wild and L'Oreal that have lasted four hours while being properly set so...

In conclusion, I like this foundation! Maybe I'm a weird outlier, but I dig it!

So I have the old packaging of this foundation, obviously, but let's just move past that. Okay, so trying to talk about foundation was harder than expected. So please bear with me while I try not to repeat the exact same paragraph from the Urban Decay foundation here. I apply this the same way as I do all of my liquid foundations with a Beauty Blender, duh. This one requires a few pumps for me because at least my bottle doesn't dispense the most at once. It's pretty lightweight, definitely not as dense and creamy as the Urban Decay one can be. They have 24 shades, which is smaller than the Hourglass range but the same size as the All Nighter range. 

This foundation does have really great coverage with a lightweight feeling. It feels super comfortable on the skin and wore all day, again, with setting powder and all that jazz. I think out of all of them, this might have been technically the most comfortable formula but I genuinely didn't have a bad experience with the way that the Urban Decay or Hourglass foundations felt. This one was just particularly lightweight while also giving me the coverage that I need and look for. 

* * * * * * * 

All in all, I would recommend all three of these. If you're looking to switch up your foundation and want to try something new, I'd go for the Hourglass foundation. If you're looking for full-full coverage, grab yourself the Urban Decay foundation. But if you're just looking for something lightweight with buildable coverage, then the Becca foundation will be there for you. 

What's your favorite foundation at the moment?


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