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Six New Makeup Products in My Collection

This is a culmination of me being naughty at Sephora during the VIB sale and my dearest Hannah from The Cleansed Review being an absolute gem and knowing what I like but also the product of a FaceTime call with her before our annual ~ gift exchange ~ at various times of year. All in all, my indefinite makeup buying ban has been going pretty well. I mean, it also helps that I work somewhat in beauty and snag free products from work whenever I can but that's beside the point!

I've been testing these products for, god, like a month now? It's been a hot second, so I feel like I can speak on them confidently. And trust me, my feelings on one of them might surprise you!

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This little baby guy is one of my favorite cream eyeshadows that I've used. In terms of cream shadow sticks, I've really only used the NYX Jumbo Pencils and some random Urban Decay mini shadow sticks that I got years and years ago in a Christmas set, probably back in high school sometime. Everything else has been a cream shadow pot, which when you have any sort of nails kind of suck to use but damn, sometimes the product is just too good. Cream shadow sticks save the day when you want a quick wash of color without having to spend too much time dipping into the pot (not to mention the hygienic benefits) or building up a powder shadow. 

Specifically, Moonlight is the perfect champagne color for me. It's just light enough where it works well on the lid but not too light where it should definitely not be anywhere on my eye besides as my inner corner highlight. I wear it on its own on a casual day or I'll use it as a base for my more sparkly shadows so it has something (a) creamy to hold onto but also (b) a base of a similar color to build off of as opposed to just using a flesh colored primer.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in Conspiracy and Disturbed

So yes, this is the same product but two different shades so, therefore, I am considering it two separate products. I haven't tried the new Urban Decay Vice Lipstick range, like, ever, so now seemed a good of a time as ever to hop on that and see what's up with this formula. I have two different shades (I passed the third along to a friend because I had a color similar to it already): Conspiracy, which is one of their metalized shade in a medium coppery brown and Disturbed, which is a comfort matte shade in a deep burgundy and brick red situation. 

I'm a matte lipstick kind of girl, so Conspiracy was fun to wear and felt smooth and comfortable when I applied it. The metallic wears off a little bit throughout the day with talking and eating, which is nice, but I don't see myself reaching for this frequently just because the original pay off is not matte. But if you're not afraid of a unique lipstick finish, it's a great dark neutral color! Disturbed was more up my alley, but mind you it's pretty damn dark. I'm also insanely pale, so ya know, something to take into consideration but it was comfortable to wear, didn't dry out my lips, and had a pretty great lasting power!

This is the one that might shock you all. You might have been able to tell based on the main image from this post, but guys...I tried a new eyeliner. I tried a new eyeliner that I don't hate. I tried a new eyeliner that might be my second favorite liquid eyeliner. DO YOU KNOW HOW MONUMENTAL THIS IS? 

Let's go into the pros of this before I inevitably go into the cons. I don't normally get this much into discussing makeup (at least not on this blog) but eyeliner is my fucking jam and I have tested way too many to not know what I want and need out of one. First thing, it's very easy to control. The formula keeps it from bleeding all of the place, which lets you be pretty precise with what you're doing. The tip is stiffer than I'm used to, which I thought might feel like I was jabbing myself in the eye every time I used it but was completely wrong about. It really helps with the precision that I was talking about earlier, but it has some bendability around the tip which is what is important for my everyday winged liner (I mean, duh, hence Feline Flick). It's also like black and long-lasting and all of that important stuff that you would expect from a $30 liner. 

My cons list is pretty short, but important still. Like I said, it's black but it could be blacker. I don't notice it too much because I always set my eyeliner with black eyeshadow out of habit (but yes, I've worn this without setting it to see how it works, I'm not dumb). It's also a drier formula than I'm used to, but that might be strictly up to my preference on eyeliners and not an acual fault. In theory, I could use this liner to do everything. If you didn't know, I tend to buy eyeliners in two when I run out. I get my tried and true and test out a new one to see if it could ever live up to it. If the new one isn't working for me on the wings, I at least still use it on my upper lashline and use my tried and true to wing it out so I don't waste money. But I've been able to do my whole eye with it! It takes me more time because I'm not 100% used to it yet, but this liner gets two thumbs up in my book. I'll probably repurchase when this one dies which is a success in my book.

This one is going to be a short one, so bear with me. I usually always have some sort of cream products on my eye, whether it's concealer, foundation, eyeshadow primer, or a combination of both. But before I put my eyeshadow on, I don't like a super tacky base in the crease because it makes blending out my shadows a nightmare. So, I tend to rely on flesh colored powders to set my crease and brow area before putting shadow on. This shadow is the perfect color for that on my pale ass skintone. I tend to just use loose powder that I use to set my undereye concealer but I've been using this more and more since my pal sent it to me.  That's really all! It does a good job for what I need it for.

This is honestly the star of the show. Look, I'll admit it, I was hashtag INFLUENCED (inadvertently, but still) to get this product from Instagram. I mean, it's fucking sequins. Okay, it's not actually sequins, but it is by far the most sparkly thing I have seen for eyes aside from straight up glitter. I can't even describe the texture of this. It's not a cream, but it's also not a loose glitter, but it's also not a pressed shadow. It's some unique hybrid that GIVES ME LIFE. I've worn it by itself and with liner before and y'all, it's not for the weak of heart. This shit glimmers. I'm the most extra person alive but I wore it with my full liner look and thought that it felt like too much but in the best way possible. This would be perfect for the holidays or a grungy night out if you're anything unlike me and actually like to leave your house. I can't wait to start playing with this more!

Have you tried any new makeup lately?


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