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12 Hats You Need to Conceal That Second (Or Third...or Fourth...) Day Hair

I had to add in that notation of "third...or fourth day" into the title of this blog post mostly to call myself out. I don't wash my hair nearly as much as I should but honestly, I'm just trying to keep my color in tact while also simultaneously carrying the weight of supporting the dry shampoo business on my shoulder. It's for the greater good of the economy and the financial stability of haircare brands!

It's 2018, nobody washes their hair anymore. It's a competition to see who can go the longest without washing their hair and extend their current style. "I haven't washed it in three days! This dry shampoo is amazing!" is the new "It has pockets!", don't @ me! I might be pushing it, but I don't care. It's a thing and even if it wasn't a thing, I would still leave this blog post title the way that it is because, well, this is Life According to Francesca and I just don't wash my hair more than a couple of times a week. Mostly so I don't have to keep styling my hair when it's clean. It's such a nightmare and never sticks, so I end up burning a hole in the ozone layer with the amount of aerosol sprays that I need to make my hair stay curly instead of falling into it natural straight state.

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No matter how much I love my dry shampoo (BlowPro Faux Dry Shampoo and the Hask Chia Seed Dry Shampoo are my favorites, just FYI), sometimes it does fail me. Usually when I push it a day too far, let's be real. Sometimes there's just that one patch that remains oily until the day of time or maybe there's a knot in my hair that only a leave-in treatment will get out but wait it's already 7:50 a.m. and I have to leave in 10 minutes I do not have time for that nonsense! (I'd like to state that it is currently 6:50 a.m. and I have clean hair, but that's neither here nor there).

Dry shampoo isn't a miracle worker. Sometimes you have to put in the work and cleanse your own scalp. Or, you know, wait a day and just plop a hat on to conceal the world of your oily scalp sins. 

You think I wear hats on an almost daily basis just to make a fashion statement? Nuh-uh honey, I'm doing it so I can continue to wash my hair every fourth day and not look like one of those rats that you see on the tracks at Union Square. I shower at night and still wake up with wet hair, so you best bet that I'm trying to keep my hair as dry as possible so I can wear it curly as many days as possible so (wait for it...) I don't have to deal with damp, slightly-straight-slightly-frizzy-slightly-wavy hybrid hair the morning after I shower. And before you tell me to use a blowdryer, look, I would, but I hate my hair after a blowdry. It's too smooth and it's impossible to curl even on day two hair. You picking up what I'm putting down?

Because of my pure unadulterated laziness and the fact that my hair just functions best when it's dirty, sometimes I just gotta plop some stylish headwear on to make it through the day. And that's okay!

Shirt: Gift from a friend
Skirt: ASOS
Tights: Target
Shoes: Adidas
Hat: Stolen from my mom who got it in France
Coat: H&M
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


  1. Oh this is so important as a person who hates washing her hair!

    Hayden //

  2. I’m freaking dying throughout this entire blog post! “It’s 2018 and no one washes their hair anymore... it’s the new it has pockets.” I’ve never read such a TRUE statement. I have yet to join the bandwagon to not washing my hair as often... one day one day. As always, you look amazing and your writing is everything 🙌🏼

    Xo Logan


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