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Styling a Denim Pinafore Dress aka Overalls Dress

Admittedly, this outfit has me feeling two types of ways: (1) like I'm an oversized child and (2) like I'm a human, 2018 female version of Arthur. Am I mad about either of those things? Well, not really, but I suppose I should probably at least be a bit concerned, no?

I've been dying for something overalls related. I figured pulling off actual overalls might not be in my wheelhouse yet, but the denim overall pinafore dress thing has been on my radar for a while now and I finally found one that I actually wanted to spend money on. In all fairness, that's probably because it was only like, fifteen bucks or something from Primark. Listen, apparently Primark is the only thing to get me to break my spending ban, mostly because everything is just so damn cheap which fits perfectly into my budget in which I literally have no disposable income.

I have a denim dress that I can wear in a somewhat similar way but also not really, which is how I could justify buying essentially another denim dress. This one, however, I do have to wear layered with something as you'd be able to see some full-on frontal and side boobage. Which is totally fine in my book, layering is my favorite thing to do and this is my favorite time of year to do it! Mostly out of necessity so I don't freeze or can survive hot flashes without sitting in my own sweat.

Look, I'm not one for math, but here are some fashion equations for styling a denim pinafore dress that I can get behind fully. Are there a million and one ways to style this? Of course there are! Am I going to write them all out? Helllllll to the no! I need to drink my coffee and eat my morning bagel soon! Juuuuuust kidding (well not really, my stomach is growling as I type this sentence out). 

Pinafore + Tee Shirt + Sneakers

Pinafore + Top + Chunky Cardigan + Your Shoes of Choice

Pinafore + Pop of Color Sweater + Your Shoe of Choice

Pinafore + Turtleneck + Black Booties

Pinafore + Chunky Turtleneck + Tights + Booties

Pinafore + Chunky Knit Cropped Sweater Layered Over + OTK Boots

Sweater: H&M
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Adidas
Hat: Epoch
Lipstick: Revlon

Here is me waiting patiently for people to pass by while Emily subsequently was still shooting photos of me because we like catching each other off guard with candids.

Photos by Emily Polner


  1. I love this whole look - including/especially the lipstick. I'm too nervous to try pulling this off but you 100% do.


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