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A Warm, Fall Makeup Look

I tend to wear three different eyeshadow looks that are all very similar and follow the exact same motions to ensure that I don't mess it up. Everything from my face makeup to my eyeshadow to my eyeliner tends to stay the same on a day to day basis and then I switch it up with my lipstick. I like glowy, I like neutrals, and I like to keep it simple while also slathering my face with what a lot of people would probably say is arguably too much makeup. But that's another story for another time that I've actually probably covered a dozen times on this blog...

My eyeshadow looks tend to look a little something like this: matte taupes and browns, bronze on bronze, or champagne and golds. Thaaaaat's about it. I don't use a lot of pinks or purples or pinks and tend to just stick with the brown tones to keep it simple. It's good to switch it up from time to time, right? Right? I tell myself this to make myself feel better about my commitment issues to everything besides winged eyeliner, red lipstick, and caffeine.

In an effort to match my outfit for that day (which will be on the blog in the next few weeks...), I decided to step out of my comfort zone and use some shades that I've never used in my life. So sorry to a majority of my Lorac Pro Palette that I never touch! I'll make an effort to use you more! 

Since my YouTube channel is dead, here's a fun little written tutorial. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too!

Foundation: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in Creamy Natural  + Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light Liquid Highlighter in 50 - Golden Copper or 30 - Golden Champagne

Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind for undereye and Maybelline Master Conceal for blemishes

I mix a few pumps of the foundation on the back of my hand and eyeball an amount of the liquid highlighter depending on the amount of dewiness and glow that I want that day. I apply dots of the combo on my face, focusing on the center for the most coverage. I use a damp Beauty Blender sponge to blend it all out until it's all nice and smooth and there are no harsh foundation lines on my neck or the edges of my face.

The concealer bit is pretty self-explanatory. I put on brightening undereye concealer to keep myself from looking like I haven't slept in six years. After that, I'll spot conceal depending on whether or not I'm breaking out for whatever godforsaken reason that week. I'll try to just conceal any redness or blemishes that I can see just to keep it allllllll even and what not.

Setting powder: Elf HD Powder for undereye and Laura Mercier Glow Translucent Powder for face

Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer and Wet n Wild Ticket to Brazil 

Blush: NYX Terracotta (I don't think this is still being sold, but NARS Taj Mahal is similar, just a bit more orange)

Highlighter: OFRA Glow Palette

I set my undereye concealer with the Elf loose powder to ensure that the creamy concealer under my eyes doesn't end up creasing. Then, I set the rest of my face with the Laura Mercier Glow Translucent Powder. Am I technically supposed to be using that in specific places on my face and not just all over? Yes, probably, but YOLO. I like to GLOW! 

I'll lightly contour with the Too Faced bronzer, blend it out until it looks more natural and less harsh, and then add a little bit of the Wet N Wild bronzer on top to add some more warmth to my face without making it look like a super calculated contour. Plus, the bronzer has a bit of shimmer and glow to it, which just makes my face look that much more warm.

I'm not going to go too much into detail with blush or the highlighter, but I used a warm rusty toned blush and a bronze highlighter to coordinate well with the eyeshadow look that you will see in about two seconds depending on how fast you read this section. I just reaaaaaalllly went all out with the warm tones, as you can see.

Eyeshadow: Lorac Pro Palette (gold on the lids, rust orange on the outer corner and blended into the crease, and a mixture of a taupe and dark brown lightly into the crease just to add more definition)

Eyeliner: Fenty Flyliner

Mascara: Milk Kush and Lancome Hypnose Drama

Look, the entire eyeshadow look was all about blending and layering and more blending. This process took the longest because I wanted to make sure it wasn't too harsh but you could also actually see the colors that I was using. I wanted that rust/garnet shade to really stand out because it was the epicenter of the look, the entire reason I wanted to do something so warm with my face makeup.

If I knew how to explain how I do my liquid eyeliner, I would have definitely done a post on it by now but I barely follow a step by step in my day to day. I just always make sure I set it with black eyeshadow to ensure that it doesn't budge throughout the day! And then I just curl my eyelashes (sometimes I don't!) and apply a couple of layers of both of those mascaras until my lashes seem sufficiently coated without being weighed down by tons of product.

Eyebrows: Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, shades Faint and Crave

Lipstick: Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Out Loud

Everyone has their own techniques for filling in their eyebrows, but I just like to focus on filling in any sparse areas and then defining the tail of my brows so they look sharp enough to pierce a man's heart. And then lipstick, oh my god lipstick, the only one true love of my life. I apply it in section to ensure that it remains even and stays within the lines! I start with my bottom lip, usually from left to right and make sure everything is nice and even. Then I smack my lips together to transfer some of the color onto my top lip to act as a miniature guide when trying to define my upper lip–especially my cupid's bow–without overdrawing my lips because it's not a look that particularly suits me very well and I'm totally aware of that.


  1. Damn girl!! This looks amazing on you, I really want to try out that lipstick (although I definitely own way too many already...)!

    Lauren |

  2. loved this post! the eyeshadow palette is my favorite! xoxo

    1. It's such a great palette, it has everything you need! :)


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