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NYC Street Diaries: The Week of No Sun

Guys...any idea where the sun has gone? New York has been in a perpetual gloom all week which has really been messing with my mood. Is it too much to ask for just a few rays of sunshine? What gives? Why so much rain and clouds and all around grey weather? Why are you trying to ruin any chance of me trying to get blog photos done during the week so I don't spend my entire weekend shooting to prepare ahead of time (I should, in theory, do this more though). 

The thing about shooting during the week is that it almost always has to be after 6pm when I'm out of work which means comes, you know, my favorite time of year aka now, it gets dark much earlier than in the summer and snatches away all of the good lighting. Even the well-lit Oculus succumbed to the dark and grey weather to make indoor shooting on a rainy day, well, impossible. 

That's life though. Sometimes you just get some grainy pictures in crap lighting and if you're me, you just roll with it. It's part of my brand, anyways, right? 

Sweater: American Eagle
Shirt: Vintage Hugo Boss
Skirt: American Eagle
Shoes: Adidas
Glasses: Prada

Photos by Emily Polner


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