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Adding Fall Touches to Your Makeup Routine

Guys, bear with me here. It's not exactly fall yet but I really don't care. When it's so close to your favorite time year that you can taste it (or is that just the pumpkin?), it's hard not to make it everything you talk about. Or, rather, I guess when you're as basic as I am, getting excited about fall is hard to contain. I proclaim my love for the autumnal season literally all year round, but now that it's only a couple of weeks away officially and the weather is starting to lower slowly, I'm #LivingMyBestLife over here. I can't help it, guys! It's wired into my system! I was destined to love fall, rosé, and boybands from the beginning of time. There was no other option for basic ole me.

Now now now, I know, I know, Francesca, you wear the same damn makeup every single day. What makes fall any different from summer? Well, contrary to beliefs made popular by me and only me, I do have my life function by seasons. I mean, haven't you heard of my bi-annual switch of the lipsticks event? It's a big one in my life. Before fall/winter and spring/summer, I switch over my lipsticks in my drawer because yes, I have accumulated enough lipstick that I cannot get them all to fit into a drawer at once. What of it? Anyways...while my signature look stays pretty much the same all year round, fall is the perfect excuse to slow my roll on a few things and also add in pops of more autumnal elements. 

I tend to slow my roll on the bronzer and unnecessary glow. Though I still do love a healthy glow all year round, you're never going to catch me with completely matte and flat skin. I just go a little less heavy with the bronzer and tend to just contour, put on some blush, and use a little bit of a lighter hand when it comes to my foundation. Because trust me, I'm definitely not in denial that summer is over. In fact, I'm probably reveling in the fact that it's fall. And by probably I mean definitely.

And the Bronze Medal Goes Too...

Okay, so, yes I wear bronze shadows all year round but this is mostly because I live in denial that seasons other than fall exist. Also, it's just really flattering with my skin tone and eye color. But this tiny fact can be disregarded for now because it is a gorgeous shade for the fall. Put it all over your lid, pop it in the crease, use it to line your bottom lash line. It's a versatile color that tends to work with anything you try to pair it with, though I prefer using more warm tones for the rest of my makeup when it comes to wearing bronze shadows. 

Some of my consolation winners of best eyeshadow colors for the fall are champagnes and golds, milk chocolate matte browns, and various hues of an aubergine (I am occasionally a sucker for a nice mid-toned plum). I like using shimmers more during the fall rather than the summer as well, though you can literally never go wrong with a matte look!

Mauve Your Feet and Feel United

My blush color really depends on the season. Summers are for my more coral and pink shades with excess shimmer. But when it comes to fall? Give me all of the muted cool-tones that exist on this planet! I know, it seems contradictory to what I said about the bronze shadows looking great with warm toned touches, but I just can't resist it combined with a good mauve shade that has a hint of a plummy-grey to it. The more grey that seems to be in it, the more I'm drawn to it during this time of year. Mauves, plums, browns, or really any natural shade that doesn't lean too bright would work perfectly for this time of year. It's not adding to much color or high-shine to your cheeks, but just enough of a subtle hue to make it look like you've got something on. I also tend to go more matte for this time of year as well and like to let my highlighter speak for itself. 

My Dark Lipstick Is Popping, My Dark Lipstick Is Cool...

Okay, so that's not how the song goes, but it's close enough, right? I'm sorry I can't be as dope as Lil Mama, I'll try harder next time.

Is it really any surprise that not only lipstick has been a huge part of this post, but my favorite time of year for lipsticks it the fall season. You can totally keep it simple and wear nudes throughout the entire season, though mauve and brown toned nudes are much more autumnal and muted than a pinky or rosy nude would be. But, if you want to start playing around with color, well then the possibilities for you are endless. There are berries, wines, reds, brick reds, burgundy, ten thousand more shades of red that you didn't know existed, black, navy, rusty oranges, grey-toned purples. In my opinion, fall is where your lipstick game can shine and where you can easily experiment with more color into your makeup routine.

How does your makeup routine change for fall?


  1. I love these tips! My fall makeup routine is completely different than any other time of year, because I incorporate more deep shades. Deep shadows, deep blushes, deep lips. I love it all!

  2. I'm the worst at makeup! I so needed these tips!


  3. All of those shades are beautiful. My make-up routine for fall just includes more moisturizer. That dry air starts flowing and my skin gets so dry!

    Hayden //


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