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My Fall Fashion Wishlist

This post would have been a lot more fun to create if I could shop right now but honestly? It's okay, because now I have a ton of fashion inspo for the fall and some starting points when I'm ready to supplement whatever I have shoved in my closet back at my house in Niagara Falls that my mom is bringing me next week. I didn't really follow many trends particularly, but there's definitely a healthy dose of animal print, red, and some white boots in there for you guys. Okay, and a lot of mustard yellow and plaid. I couldn't help myself! I at least tried to somewhat limit the sweater section to not entirely turtlenecks. That was a feat in itself for me.

I have two sort of moods when it comes to fall dressing. Either I want to be ridiculously cozy or just be plain old ridiculous. Since everything I'm wearing doesn't necessarily need to be covered with a jacket at all times quite yet, this tends to be the time of year where I get the most experimental, especially in sweaters and footwear because I won't be worrying about slipping around in the snow and ice in impractical booties.

Without further ado, here are some of my top picks in stores and online right now for a fall wardrobe in honor of the first official day of fall on Saturday. I think. I'm pretty sure it's the 22nd. I could Google it but honestly, it's been fall in my heart since September 1st so...

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These Boots Are Made for...Posing

Keeping You Warm

Bottoms Up

I'm Sweat(er)ing
Let's Get Dressed


  1. If I throw a tantrum on the floor like a toddler, will that make summer go quicker so that I can get back into wearing this kind of style? No? Well, damn. But anyway, I can see every single one of these pieces on you! They're very #Francesca.


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