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Makeup & Skincare Empties

As sad as it is when I finish off products, it's always a good feeling knowing that I finally stopped hoarding beauty items so much that I can actually bear down and get through these products that I've spent my money on. I'm going to miss reaching for some of these products and while I can't repurchase them now, I'm hoping to reunite with a few of them in the future because, as Kelly Clarkson would sing so liiiiiiife would suckkkkk withouuuuuuutttt youuuuuu.

I tend to finish off skincare over actual makeup items more often than not because, well, I just have more makeup than skincare! But this time I finished up a couple of makeup bits and I'm pretty proud of myself even though that means I'm without one of my favorite...well you know what, you'll just have to wait and see ;)

*This post contains affiliate links and products I received complimentary from the brand. All opinions are my own (duh!)*

While I do love Glossier's Boy Brow (which I am currently without right now as well), this was my first tried and true brow gel and I'll never forget it! Honestly, I went through quite a few of these so clearly I'm a big fan of this. It matches my brow colors perfectly and keeps them nice and in place so ain't nothing messing with my brows! Not today, Satan!

This was my first medium coverage foundation and I remember how happy I felt walking out of Sephora with it (after I paid...obviously...why did I make it sound like I frequently shoplift?). Y'all know I'm a full coverage foundation girl until the day I die. Or at least, was. My skin couldn't handle a medium coverage foundation. Or vice versa, truly. I needed the heaviest coverage to cancel out that redness and try to conceal the acne that invaded my entire face. I had to put this foundation on the back burner about a month and a half after I got it because my skin took a turn for the worst (thanks New York City). But, thankfully, I was able to finish it off recently and it was a pleasure to have in class a really great foundation for me. Medium coverage, dewy finish, long-lasting, and a good color match. What more could you want?

Literally all I have to say about this is that I've had this fucking rollerball since my senior year of high school and how it still smelled okay this many years later is beyond me. It's fine. It's a little young for my taste now but I definitely prefer it over the original Viva La Juicy (which I actually also have a rollerball of that I got sometime in college so maybe my perfume taste growth has been stunted).

This mask got a shit ton of love from me when I was using a lot of retinol based acne products that would make my skin drier than the Sahara desert and needed huge dosages of hydration. This is a thick creamy "mask" that's essentially a really thick moisturizer you put on before you sleep and let it do its thing overnight. Origins is a skincare brand that has a special place in my heart, so I'm really sad to see this guy go! He lasted me for a long while though, so thank you, you lil' overnight mask! I'll miss you dearly!

Guys, I did a whole post about Lexli and talked about them on my InstaStories and will continue to talk about them because they're the reason why my skin has like, one zit on it right now and that's because I've been hella stressing myself out lately. They sent me my first acne kit a couple of months ago and kindly sent me another one after I finished that, so technically this empties includes two Lexli Acne Kits because they each last about 30 days give or take. Thank god I have full sizes of two of my favorite products because my skin is missing it! In total I finished up two of the cleansers, moisturizers, clarifying lotions, and their AloeGlyC special product that makes my skin so smooth and clear or all things evil aka zits. 

What more can I say? Check out the full post here and my testimonial on their website to see a before and after of my skin if you think this is all bullllllllshit. I don't talk about things I don't like or believe in so... :)

MY BABY NOOOOO I CANNOT LET YOU GO. Guys, I'm so sad that I finished this. You literally have no idea. I got this from Influenster in my first ever VoxBox and was like "I'm never going to use this, wtf?" and then two weeks later I stopped being stubborn and tried it (also because have to review the products lol) and literally have never fallen in love faster besides that time I heard "What Makes You Beautiful" for the first time and dedicated my whole like to five idiots. Anyways. I digress....this Laneige mask is my child and I cannot believe I finally finished it after all of this time! It's never ending, I tell you! Similar to the Origins overnight mask, it's meant to keep your skin fresh and hydrated while working overnight. This one is more of a lightweight gel over the thick, creamy texture of the Origins one. It's cool, refreshing, and kept my skin supple (ew) and hydrated and that's all I could ask out of it.

What products have you finished up recently? Have you tried any of these ones?


  1. I recently finished up Clinique's Moisture Surge and I'm so upset. I need to by some stat. I love that Origins overnight mask, so luxe!

    Hayden //

  2. I've been wanting to try the glossier boy brow and I've used the laneige sleeping mask and i love it!

  3. I have to try that Smashbox foundation!


  4. Wow a lot of great empties! I love LANEIGE anyways, so that water sleeping mask is calling out to me!

    Melanie | I'm Not a Beauty Guru


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