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Truthful Winter Night Routine

There is not a single thing about me that is glamorous and this most certainly includes my nighttime routine. While it would be aesthetically pleasing and make me really feel like my life was put together if I was floating around my perfectly styled apartment with a silky robe on in the late evening, that's just not realistic for me. If it's realistic for you, please, teach me your ways. I strive for that day when my nighttime routine isn't just a continuation of that day's mess.

My nighttime routine doesn't necessarily start at any specific time, either. Sometimes it starts right after dinner, other times it's nine or ten o'clock at night and I'm wondering where the entire day has gone. But, more often than not, it goes a little something like this.
The "Chill" Period

First, I tend to chill in what is probably my pajamas from the previous day until I shower. During this time I usually respond to the text messages that I've been forgetting to respond to that day...or more accurately, from a day or two before. There is also a good chance that I'm watching YouTube videos during this time as well because when am I ever not watching YouTube videos, am I right? I usually decide to shower whenever either my makeup is starting to bug me or when my face starts to feel gross and grimy. Sometimes it's a hairwashing night, sometimes it's not.

After the shower, I sit in my towel until I realize that it's too cold to be sitting in a towel and that the FBI person watching me through my webcam has been staring at my bare face and almost naked body. I'll usually change into something very similar to the pajamas from the night before, but more often than not, the same exact pajamas unless I'm on day four of wearing them and there are weird, questionable stains on the sweatshirt or sweatpants. This is also the time of night in which I think of really random things, like all of the TV shows that deserved better (Selfie and Don't Trust the B**** In Apartment 23, just to name a couple off the top of my head) and the intricacies of Liam Payne's public persona and concerns about his feelings.

Since I'm a heathen and don't let caffeine dictate my life, after I'm snug and cozy in my pajamas, sometimes I make tea or chug water because I'll remember that I wasn't nearly as hydrated enough during the day. Also, there's usually a brief moment of panic because I realize I almost forgot to take my acne medication and birth control. No zits and no unexpected pregnancies for this girl! Not today!

The "I Need to Get Sh*t Done" Period

There is always a part of my night that is dedicated to planning. I can't sleep if I don't write a post-it note with a to-do list on it for the next day. I can't. If I'm thinking about what I need to do the next morning when my head hits that pillow, I won't be able to sleep until I have it written out. My restless mind leads to restless sleep (or really, even more restless sleep than the restless sleep I currently have), so it's best to just do something little like a mini to-do list to keep myself happy.

And while I'm writing things, this is usually around the time that I write my blog post for the next day because there is a good chance that I didn't do it earlier in the day like I told myself to. Case in point, it is 12:16 a.m. and this post will probably go live in about eight hours or so, more likely nine or ten because I still need to shoot photos for it. That's just the truth, y'all. Sometimes they're done three days ahead of time. Sometimes they're not even done hours before I post.

Writing my blog post is soon followed by resisting the urge to eat a million pieces of toast because for some reason, right before bed is the best time of day to eat toast. A random and probably unrelatable feeling, I'm sure, but I'm very passionate about carbs and if we have a loaf of Italian bread in the house, my cravings for it are undeniable.

The "Go the F**k to Sleep" Period

After I power through Satan's temptation (or cave and eat a slice or two), it's time to go through my nightly skin routine. Sometimes this involves a hydrating mask, but most of the time I just use my acne gel, Hyaluronic Acid Serum from The Ordinary, Niacinamide + Zinc Serum from The Ordinary, Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, and sometimes Mario Badescu Drying Lotion if my skin is breaking out and I want those stress zits gone

After my skin is dry, I'll crawl underneath the covers and queue up a dozen YouTube videos in my Watch Later playlist because they are the only things that lull me to sleep. I will miss my threshold of pure exhaustion at least twice before I finally decide that I'm just going to force myself to fall asleep. Then, I'll wake up at least three times in the middle of the night because I can't sleep through the night. It's just not possible.

What is your favorite part of your nighttime routine?


  1. I love how honest this is - so refreshing! I'm so with you on the Need to Get shit done period hahaha


    1. Hahaha, I'm always trying to be transparent around these parts! The Need to Get Shit Done period is by far one of my favorites of the night. Or the occasional face mask portion. And the toast eating portion hahaha.


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