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Rainy Day Girl

You may not be able to tell by my dry looking hair, but it was indeed rainy and windy outside while these photos were being taken. In fact, it's felt like it has been raining for the past week straight and it's really putting a damper on my mood. I'm out here trying to enjoy my week and mother nature has different plans by making everything cold and soggy and making it very difficult to take a decent picture outside without risking getting both myself and my camera (okay, and my mom) soaked.

As I mentioned in my most recent street diaries post, I don't wear hoods and umbrellas and I are currently on the outs after a particularly embarrassing (and painful) moment on Spring Street in SoHo. At the same time, the last thing I feel like dealing with is damp hair and stiff, wet clothing. Granted, if it was pouring rain outside, I would most certainly suck it up and find myself a suitable umbrella that wouldn't betray me. But for days like yesterday where it was just grey and sprinkling? Give me a hat and clothes that don't conform to my body and I'll be happy.

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Jeans and rain, for me, do not mix. To me, there is no worse feeling than wet socks and wet denim. The feeling of sopping wet denim clinging to my legs makes me shudder just thinking of it. It makes me waddle like a penguin of some sort and just feels all sorts of gross. An easy solution is either to not wear pants (I mean, wear a skirt or a dress or something as I'm sure Donald Ducking it through life is actually considered public indecency) or to find a pair that won't do you like denim will when they get wet. Naturally, I chose my black flowy culottes from Lilith because they're uber comfortable and as so loose and flowy that they don't cling to my legs, even if damp. Or at least, I assume so, as I try to avoid being outside long enough for my clothes to get soaking wet. 

Should I have chosen to wear a sweater that maybe wasn't white? Probably, but a wet sweater contest is a lot less enticing than a wet t-shirt contest, let's be real. There's no show when this sweater gets wet. Just most likely an uncomfortable look on my face as I struggle to function with wet clothing. I'm not exaggerating how much I hate having wet clothes. I'm having flashbacks to a concert I went to over the summer in which is poured the entire time (it was also delayed because of the rain) and my clothes were so wet by the end that I could physically wring them out, including my rain jacket. I did it for Liam Payne and The Vamps, but never again. Okay unless it was for Niall Horan...but that's where I draw the line!

Usually, I try to suggest helpful things in these posts because, well, isn't that why you're reading? I have a hard time believing that I'm entertaining enough that my psychobabble is the main attraction here. But honestly, in this case, don't be like me. Use a damn umbrella or find yourself a cute jacket with a hood on it. Quite frankly, a hat isn't going to cut it. I'm just that person who won't wear a jacket when it's cold outside or will wear it open because my outfit underneath is cute. I am the definition of impractical. I wear heels when I shouldn't because I like being tall. The things I do for vanity, honestly.

All jokes aside, if you're too stubborn for general rain avoidance techniques (staying inside, umbrellas, hooded jackets), at least you know that I stand in solidarity with you. We can prance around in our hats and flowy pants and hope that our hair and outfits don't suffer the consequences that we thrust upon them by our own stubbornness.

Sweater: H&M
Pants: Lilith
Shoes: Matisse
Hat: Epoch


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