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What To Do When It's Too Cold to Leave the House

That blog title was a mouthful but hey, when have I ever not been a wordy binch? I mentioned in a recent post that I'm a homebody by heart, but I also really struggle to want to leave the house when it's cold outside. Namely, cold, snowy, icy, and would require more layers than I could possibly fit underneath a coat. Of course, sometimes I drag myself out of bed, suck it up, and hope that my strategic layers will prevent my skin from being completely frostbitten by the cold. But honestly, more often than not, I succumb to the voice in my head that steers me away from freezing my limbs off.

I live a strange and hypocritical life. I love staying home and being in my own space. Except, there is one small issue where I hate being bored. I don't like having nothing to do so I constantly have a conflict going on in my head. How am I supposed to spend a whole day at home because I like being at home where it's warm when I hate being bored and constantly need stimulation and something to do?

I don't have roommates to bother anymore, so my options are somewhat more limited when I'm riding solo. However, there are a few foolproof things that keep me busy but also allow me to chill in whatever variation of my pajamas I wore the night before. Okay, and occasionally the exact same pair of pajamas from the night before. Sometimes. Depends on what they were...

Read something

I sound like a bitter adult who tells kids to read a book instead of "rotting their brains with technology." As far as I know, my brain is still functioning and intact and I spent a lot of my day on the internet so...suck on that? I guess? I digress...For me, reading a book–whether it's just part of it or, you know, the entire thing–is very fulfilling and makes me feel accomplished. It gives me anywhere between an hour to six hours of peace and entertainment without me sitting around and staring at my computer screen hoping that if I keep refreshing every page, something new will come up for me to read.

This also goes for reading magazines too, obviously. I just don't have any that are unread laying around! I would also try to take the time to catch up on blogs as well, but sometimes I just feel better about picking up a book. Besides, I try to loop blog reading into my normal day-to-day blogging tasks so if I need a break from the internet (I know, sounds fake but I swear it happens), I won't feel guilty about not engaging with other bloggers' content and miss out on some really cool posts.

Delve into your Netflix list

My Netflix list, unsurprisingly, it not that long. I'm not sure if I've talked about this on the blog (I must have, right?), but movies and TV shows are...not my thing. I try to watch Gilmore Girls yearly, but other than that, I don't really have any interesting in anything else. Legally Blonde is and will always be my favorite movie and I'll usually throw in a yearly watch of 13 Going on 30, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and will always watch The Devil Wears Prada when it's on TV. Other than that though, you're rarely going to catch me on Netflix. 

This is, unless, I've completely run out of all other options and I've decided to strand myself at home for the day. Granted, I'll spend thirty minutes switching between Netflix and Hulu trying to decide what to watch, but generally, I can find a movie or two that will entertain me. I keep a pretty short list, which is usually filled with movies instead of TV shows because let's be real, a TV show is a big commitment that I just cannot settle down with. I mean, okay, I can sacrifice a couple of hours to a movie but if I watch a few episodes of a show I'm going to get attached and have to finish the entire series and then watch any other series that the actor playing my favorite character is in because I have fangirl tendencies and LIKE TO OBSESS OKAY?! *takes deep breath*

Anyways, so yeah, I like, watch Netflix and shit when I'm home for the day and it's pretty chill.

Clean and organize your life

Not to share too much information, but my life is so exciting that my favorite thing to do on a day where I have time is to reorganize my bra and underwear drawer. YEP, my kind of excitement is refolding my underwear into their two different sections (the ugly ones I sleep in and the slightly less ugly ones that I wear when I leave the house) and making sure my bralettes are folded and sorted. Also, matching socks? Total nightmare on laundry day. But on stay in the house while it's cold day? The greatest game you could ever play.

This is the time when all of the clothes I've been strategically hiding from myself throughout the week get put away. I can't do anything when I have clothes out of my closet. However, if I can't see them, how am I to know that they're there? It's really hard being this clever and cunning. 

Write a little somethin' somethin'

So like, this is probably not an option for every single human being on planet earth who might stumble upon this blog post (hi humans!), but writing is a fantastic use of time. I mean, I'm writing this blog post on my day at home because, well, I'm always at home but also because it's effing freezing outside and I was social yesterday (technically, two days ago when you're reading this) so I've had enough of that for the week. Kidding, kidding.

I tend to pre-write blog posts when I'm home and have nothing else to do. I mean, at the very least I can get a draft done and go back in and make them not too terrible later on before I post them. But I also write like, fiction and stuff in my free time and I like to make excuses for myself when I'm busy as to why I haven't written a single sentence in four months for a project. But, alas, I have #NoExcuses on my day off and therefore should probably make myself useful and work on stuff. 

I dunno, write some lists or something. Edit your calendar. Formulate some texts to a friend. Rewrite your Tinder bio. The possibilities are endless. Get your brain moving and grooving!

Do at home workouts

Speaking of moving and grooving...YouTube is a great place for things you can do at home to be active. I mean, I'm a lazy piece of shit so this is not how I spend my at home days, but you could be better than me and do so. All self-deprecating jokes aside, I used to do this a lot when I lived in the dorms and didn't have friends on campus. I really loved the Tone It Up girls and Blogilates for fun and entertaining workouts that I could do in the privacy of my own dorm room. 

I mean, I have dance parties to Little Mix in my room at home and with the way I dance, that is one hell of an exercise. I am limbs all over, let me tell you!

What's your favorite way to spend a day at home? Nothing wrong with liking to chill or relax. Just because I'm incapable of it doesn't mean y'all have to be!


  1. Great list! These are pretty much all the things I end up doing when I'm not feeling like going outside! Great way to be productive and kindasorta unwind! :]!

    1. Thanks Farrah! Totally agree, they all make you feel like you're doing something while also still helping you relax in a way. :)

  2. I love this post! I often do a lot of the same things, especially when the windchill is -25 ugh! I never think to actually pick up a book and read, which is sad. I'm vowing to be more productive on snow days.

    1. Ugh, the windchill is always what makes it so much worse than it already is. Trust me, I don't pick up a book as often as I should, but every time I do I always wonder why I don't read more often!

  3. I loved this! I actually have a similar post scheduled to come out too. I'm the same way – I like being home and I like time alone, but I don't like being bored. I like it when it feels like it's an option, not when I don't have a choice. ;)

    Nicole | explosive bagel

    1. AHHH CANNOT WAIT TO READ YOURS!!! I feel you! Being home is great but being bored is most definitely not.

  4. Love all of these tips!! I hate the cold so I'm always trying to figure out what to do when I don't want to be outside

    1. Thanks Emily! The cold can make winter a total struggle, I feel ya!

  5. Considering how often we talk about movies and TV shows, I would never have guessed they're not your thing! But then again... I do suppose there's only a handful we talk about. #thedevilwearspears

    1. Cat's out of the bag! Kidding, kidding! I know, I mean also for the amount of YouTube I watch, you would think that I'd have the patience for TV shows, but I don't. RIP. I'll talk about Gilmore Girls forever though, you know that.

      #TheDevilWearsPears #HomicidalMango


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