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How to Style One Coat Three Ways

A few weeks ago, I was lost what to wear to an event. I don't really stock my closet with so to say "event" clothes, which would really just consist of something that's not my ripped Levi jeans and Charlotte Olympia cat-faced boots. On the morning of the event, still at a loss, I got a box in the mail, a Christmas present from a beloved old co-worker of mine.

And I swear, at that moment, the heavens opened, revealing the sleeveless longline blazer you see above. God bless Karen and Topshop for making this belted vest contraption appear into my life. I styled it up very nicely, if I do say so myself, and was very pleased with my outfit for the night. 

But in trying to make the outfit, I realized just how versatile this piece was. And thus, the idea for this blog post was born. Who doesn't love something in their closet that can be easily worn three different ways with just a few simple pieces?

This is technically a belted sleeveless coat, but honestly, who needs to follow the rules? I've styled it as a vest, a partially belted coat, and as a dress. The possibilities are endless, guys. Endless.

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I really wanted to keep this look pretty simple and casual. It seemed almost too easy popping on a plain white oxford and pair of darker wash Levi's. Style it up with some simple sneakers and a pair of fun sunglasses and you've got the perfect base for the burgundy vest. I left the belt undone in the back and had it tied so it wasn't hanging down, which really transformed it from a belted coat into a more traditional longline vest.

Shirt: J. Crew 
Jeans: Levi's
Sneakers: Adidas
Sunglasses: Dior

This was the way I styled this jacket the first time around that made me fall in love with its shape. I have my traditional all black uniform underneath in true Francesca fashion, keeping it very simple with a black turtleneck and black skirt. A turtleneck isn't really necessary, but guys, it's cold as hell outside, so for me, it is. You could easily replicate this look with a long-sleeved black dress with a regular neckline, I just choose to use what was in my closet and stay warm. Of course, I had to tie in the burgundy from the dress with the embroidered flowers in my boots. I think the statement boots are a really fun touch to this look and help keep it fun and on the more casual side without it being too stuffy or put together.

Turtleneck: Target
Skirt: Forever21
Boots: Rebecca Minkoff

And last but not least, we have arguably the "nicest" of the looks. It's a bit more conservative and turns what's meant to be a coat into a pretty interesting looking dress. Since the snap-buttons don't go all the way down, I did keep the same under layers from the previous post on just in case. Instead of leaving the belt hanging loosely on my hips, I tightened it to fit the smallest part of my waist and secured it in the back. I paired it with a pair of leather booties to really let the "dress" do the talking rather than trying to downplay it. Also, what look is complete with a coordinating lipstick?

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Boots: Kate Spade
Lipstick: Mulberry by Lorac


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